Reddit Is Losing It Over A Beer Brand Sold At Whole Foods

If you are a fan of Belgian beer or have been experiencing a moment of curiosity, you might find Reddit's take on a brew sold at Whole Foods of interest. Belgian beer, per Lonely Planet, is an important part of the country's culture. While we have our fair share of breweries in the U.S., Belgium is home to the largest brewery in the world. The travel site goes on to explain that the unique nature of a Belgian beer is tied to the influence and collective alcohol knowledge of the countries that surround it. Additionally, the yeasts, spices, and fruits that are used in Belgian beers give these ales their unique personalities and tastes.

In fact, Belgian beers are truly special and different types should be served in specific glasses. According to Culture Trip, these glasses are really important and it's a true party foul to use the wrong one — these various glasses are designed to enhance the drinking experience by heightening the smell and taste of the beer. Considering the attention the beverages receive from fans, you can imagine Reddit's enthusiasm when a user shared that Whole Foods carries a rather large bottle of a popular brand of Belgian golden ale.

Duvel is award-winning

According to a Reddit post, Whole Foods carries Belgian beer Duvel, which was awarded a gold medal at the 2022 Meininger's International Craft Beer Award in the "Blonde Strong Ale" competition (via Duvel). But that's not the only place this brew is earning accolades: The Reddit community seems pretty smitten with this beer and the large size of the bottle pictured in the post. When this forum's beer lovers weren't talking about the enormous size of the bottle, users were laser-focused on how you pour a Duvel.

One Reddit member offered, "Make sure you pour it right, there's a science to it. Also, the right glass," while another explained, "If you want less stomach issues you should pour all beers relatively hard producing enough foam and releasing a bunch of the carbonation and Duvel is no exception." Additionally, there is a YouTube video that provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to pour your Duvel. If there is one pro tip you walk away with, it's this: Leave about 1 cm of beer in the bottle so you don't end up pouring the yeast residue into your glass. How does it taste? One Redditor summed it up by writing, "Nice, one of the best Belgian strong beers."