Reddit Is Hilariously Comparing An Aldi Pasta Logo To A Celebrity

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It's not uncommon for celebrities to sell a product with their face on it, like Guy Fieri and his line of barbecue sauces or Rachael Ray and her line of dog food (via Amazon and Nutrish). Even if a celebrity's face isn't on the packaging, sometimes the food items within can remarkably resemble famous faces. According to Yahoo! News, a McNugget that looked like George Washington sold for $8,100 on eBay. And as if grilled cheese sandwiches weren't worshiped enough, someone paid $28,000 for one that resembled the Virgin Mary (via Dayton Daily News).

A more abstract food look-alike was this cut bell pepper on Twitter that resembled Rocky Balboa yelling "Adrian!" Once you see resemblances like these, it's impossible to unsee them. This same principle applies to a recent Reddit post where an Aldi pasta logo was compared to a celebrity. We can't stop looking at it, even though it is definitely not the celebrity in question ... we think.

This Aldi pasta logo looks like Larry David

"How's this fettuccine Alfredo? It's prettyyyy, prettyyyy... pretty good," u/lo-key-glass wrote in the caption of the above photo on Reddit. The Redditor was referring to Larry David's signature line in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and it also happens to be the title of a book about the making of the show (via YouTube). "Never thought I'd find myself audibly laughing on r/aldi," replied @undercoverpupper. "Yes! Husband and I call it Larry David pasta," replied another Reddit user.

Although the logo on this Aldi pasta dish does strangely resemble the "Seinfeld" creator, the man on the front of the bag is none other than Giovanni Rana, the founder of the brand. Per Giovanni Rana's official website, the pasta company is rooted in Italy and opened its first factory in Chicago in 2012. Even though we know that the man on the packaging is not the sarcastic curmudgeon we love to hate, we are so glad that someone pointed out the resemblance so we can giggle whenever Aldi has it in stock.