The One Chef That Eva Longoria Would Want To Cook Her Next Meal - Exclusive

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When you've traveled the world for work, it can be difficult to narrow down your favorite meal. However, that's not the case for Eva Longoria. The actress knows exactly who she would want to cook her next dinner. While promoting the 2022 Pillsbury Bake-Off, she told Mashed in an exclusive interview that she recently traveled extensively while filming CNN's "Searching for Mexico" and had some incredible food from different eateries there.

"I did six different states and each state had these amazing chefs as ambassadors for not only the cuisine of Mexico, but the innovation and diversity," she revealed. "People think Mexico's just tacos and tequila, and it's not only that. It is so much more, and so many chefs."

After careful consideration, the Texas native said that right now Eduardo García — the founder of Máximo Bistrot ​​— was her favorite chef. Referred to as "Lalo," she explained García has worked with famed restaurateur Enrico Vera before moving on to open his own place. "He is really about sourcing, cooking seasonally, farming sustainably," Longoria said. "He's so impressive and his story is a beautiful story. He has a beautiful, personal story; you'll see in the show. I would take a meal from Eduardo García any day."

García's cooking certainly sounds like a dream — but in terms of more everyday meals, Longoria admits to cooking up some delicious recipes herself.

She also shared her favorite cuisine to cook when she has guests over

When it comes to Eva Longoria's personal favorite food to make for family and friends, she told us she loves making Tex-Mex. The Golden Globe nominee especially loves whipping up enchiladas, chalupas, and tacos. However, she admitted that her friends are sometimes confused when she makes them tacos in the morning.

"I've cooked that probably the most for all my friends and family, but most of my friends are like, 'What is this in the morning?' I'm like, 'It's a breakfast taco,'" Longoria explained. "Everybody's always blown away by the Texas breakfast tacos and I feel like they should be a national heritage."

The "Desperate Housewives" alum also revealed her favorite part about cooking is how a meal brings everyone together. "Everything in my family centers around the kitchen, every conversation, every bit of laughter in the house," Longoria said. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

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