The Aldi Job Opening Beer Enthusiasts Need To Know About

After an especially challenging day at the office, there are those of us who may feel they have earned a beer. But, what if, instead of having to earn a beer, you could say drinking beer was your job? For some lucky beer buff, this may soon be the case.

Aldi has announced it is recruiting an Official Beer Taster (per a company press release), and applicants for the new position will no doubt be pouring in. As the grocery chain explains on its website, the person who fills this role will have the enviable task of testing a variety of beers, ciders, ales, and lagers, and providing the company with feedback using a one-to-five scale. As theĀ LADBible points out, the position is unpaid, but considering the fringe benefits, we're willing to bet a lot of beer drinkers will still be interested in throwing their names into the ring. Curious if you've got what it takes to be an official beer taster?

There are some requirements to become an Official Beer Taster

You may not have to pass the bar to become Aldi's Official Beer Taster (per company), but if you've spent some time inside a bar trying out drafts, it may actually help your application. Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield, elaborated, "We're looking for someone with passion and excitement when it comes to craft ale, but who can honestly review our range and provide suggestions as to how we might improve it for next year" (via Drinks Business).

Beer enthusiasts vying for the job will need to write an explanation (up to 150 words) of why they would be a good pairing for the role, according to Aldi's announcement, as well as declare their favorite beer and explain their choice. (Having to pick a favorite beer could weed out a lot of beer drinkers, but the LADBible recommends opting for an Aldi beer). The position is open to beer lovers who are 18 or over and residents of the United Kingdom. If you haven't guessed by now, this role is sadly not for us Americans. But, for the pint lover who lands this dream gig, feel free to keep us in mind when you need someone to cover a shift.

Official Beer Taster hopefuls can send an essay along with the other required information to untilĀ August 29, with a winner announced September 2.