These Fan Tips Will Help You Choose The Best Aldi Beer For You

With cookouts and pool parties popping up each weekend, you need to assemble the ultimate beer chest for all of your fun in the sun activities. Unfortunately, this task proves harder than expected. In order to find your perfect beer, you have to consider mouthfeel, taste, aroma, appearance, and much more (via Marie Claire). With so many variables that could make or break your brew, sorting through beers to find the perfect selection can feel impossible. Luckily, the fine folks at Aldi always have you covered and keep your options pared down to make selections that much easier.

While you still have to sort through Aldi's beer selection, you can also tap into the vast group of fans that pick up their beverages from the grocery chain. Over at r/aldi, fans have sorted through the best and the worst beers and have some choice words about which six-pack you need in your life. One user claims point of origin makes all the difference. "Look for the Aldi beers brewed in Waunakee, Wisconsin. These are brewed by Octopi Brewing, an amazing contract brewer that also has their own brand labels (Octopi, Untitled Art, Humble Forager). Their IPAs, stouts, and sours are awesome and they've brewed all of these styles for Aldi," the redditor wrote.

Ready to explore Aldi's world of beer

Don't feel limited by a beer's origin. The r/aldi post went into greater depth, with one respondent claiming you have to get German beer. "I have tried several and only one is confirmed, the German Wernesgruner, a Pilsner," the redditor said. "I have lost the desire to try any other Aldi carries, I will go for the genuine ones instead, not at Aldi. I would rather stick with the quality standard of Sam Adams, Dogfish Head, Lagunitas and the likes. Or the Baltimore Blonde ale. I'm not crazy about Carlsberg, Heineken, Stella and other Euro pale lagers, and I'm glad I'm not playing Aldi's knockoff game any longer. I do not share the opinion that the Octopi Brewing products are very good. Even for the $2-3 price difference compared to the brands mentioned above, it isn't worth it." This stark divide between fans does make selecting a final beer that much easier.

Next time you go to pick up a quick six-pack, remember to reach for either a German pilsner or a Wisconsin-sourced set of beer. After trying both, you can see where your own loyalties lie, and you might just stumble across your new favorite brew. Just get enough to share, as you know everyone will want to try the ultimate Aldi beer.