Why TikTok Is Furious About Rachael Ray's Pozole

Despite her cheery disposition and generally enthusiastic demeanor, Rachael Ray is actually a divisive figure in the culinary world. Many big names in the cooking industry, such as Martha Stewart and Anthony Bourdain, have even publicly dissed Rachael Ray. Bourdain went so far as to write that she is "selling us satisfaction, the smug reassurance that mediocrity is quite enough" (via Inquisitr). 

Even her own crew has been furious with her at times and popular YouTuber Uncle Roger declared her pho "THE WORST."  The internet voted on whether or not the TV personality could really cook in a BuzzFeed poll of more than 25,000 respondents and current numbers show that 42% of them don't think she can. Previously, the entrepreneur has even been criticized by dog lovers for improperly categorizing her dog food as "natural," which eventually turned into a major lawsuit.

Now TikTok is getting in on the action, with many taking aim at her pozole.

TikTok declares Rachael Ray's pozole is taco soup

On her cooking show, Ray decided to show the audience how to make her version of red pozole. Her recipe includes Fritos, beans, pickled jalapenos, and chili powder. Some of these ingredients are not part of a traditional pozole recipe, which led some people on TikTok to question whether she was even actually making pozole.

One TikTok user posted a video of Mexican mothers reacting to Ray's pozole recipe. One stated, "you're making chili beans. That's not pozole." Another said "That's not pozole. Don't let them fool you." Commenters didn't hold back on another TikTok video, as some declared "I don't think she's ever tried posole lmao" and "that's just nacho soup."

Some users took their comments beyond the food and shared that they felt that their culture was under attack. "We need to remember the importance of culture food and not to lose traditional meals," said one of yet another version of the video. Some went as far as to call Ray's style of cooking pozole "offensive."

For those who are seeking a more traditional and perhaps easier dish, this recipe for green pozole can be made in an Instant Pot.