A New Frosty Flavor Has Arrived At Wendy's, But There's A Catch

Wendy's started the summer off strong with the release of a highly requested Frosty flavor — the  Strawberry Frosty. First released at the beginning of June at all Wendy's locations nationwide, this Frosty had fans sighing with relief after finally getting what they've been demanding for years. According to a press release from Wendy's, the strawberry Frosty flavor is one of the most requested menu items from customers. Since Wendy's is so limited in releasing Frosty flavors, usually sticking with the two originals, chocolate and vanilla, fans were ecstatic over the new sweet and fruity dessert.

It's not uncommon to get tired of the same old flavors, though, and Wendy's doesn't typically stray from the original Frosty flavors. The last new flavor was the limited-time birthday cake Frosty back in 2019 for its 50th anniversary. But now, with the new strawberry Frosty available and rave reviews about it, Wendy's has decided to throw a whole new flavor into the mix.

The strawberry swirl Frosty is not available in the U.S.

The strawberry swirl Frosty is a limited-time-only flavor that consists of a vanilla Frosty base and strawberry syrup added into the cup. You can also get creative and mix it with a chocolate Frosty instead, adding a whole different layer of flavors to the signature dessert. Although the flavor is still new and hasn't had much talk just yet, fans may enjoy dipping their fries in this new Frosty. If you can't decide between vanilla or strawberry, you can get a bit of both.

Sadly, this is where the bad news comes in. For a limited time only, this strawberry swirl Frosty is hitting restaurants in only a few U.K. locations. According to Delish, the swirl is available at locations in Camden, Reading, Stratford, Oxford, Croydon, Romford, Brighton, and Ilford. So good news for all of our U.K. Wendy's fans out there, but bad news for everyone else. We aren't quite sure why Wendy's has chosen these locations to release such an exclusive Frosty, but perhaps it will garner enough attention to help make its way to the U.S.