Everything You Need To Know About Wendy's New Strawberry Frosty

Last week, on April 13th, Wendy's dropped some very exciting news for Frosty fans. The fast-food chain revealed that they would be adding a new Frosty flavor to their iconic frozen treat lineup: strawberry (via Taste of Home). While the fresh berry flavor got a lot of people so excited for a sweet, fruity treat this summer, the new flavor announcement comes with a major caveat.

While people might have been looking forward to dipping their spoons into the pale pink frozen treat all summer long, the chain clarified how long the menu item will be around after one fan asked on Twitter. Wendy's responded by explaining that the time frame of this limited-time product would be through May 23rd. So those who can get it will only be able to order it this spring.

For Americans looking forward to getting their hands on one, there's more bad news. You probably won't be getting one.

The Strawberry Frosty won't be available in the U.S.

According to HITC, the United States has not seen the strawberry-flavored Frosty since its limited-time release in 2010. This time around, Wendy's released the special product in Canada without announcing any plans to bring it to the United States. That means you would have to go to Canada to get your strawberry Frosty fix from a Canadian Wendy's location. Due to COVID-19, it is, of course, not so simple as crossing the border.

Even for Americans who live very close to the United States-Canadian border, there are still stringent travel restrictions for entering Canada (via Canada.ca). Those restrictions mean that the average American cannot simply pass through to get a Frosty, and if you do, you'll need a quarantine plan.

So, unfortunately, you'll probably need to start tweeting at Wendy's to try to convince the fast food chain to bring the treat back to the United States too. According to HITC, widespread Twitter requests for new flavors may have been a reason why the chain is releasing the strawberry Frosty in Canada.