Sonic Just Hinted At A New Drink Flavor On Twitter

At Sonic, the extensive drink menu is arguably more important than the food itself. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sonic claims to offer more than 168,000 drink combinations, though The Wall Street Journal did its own math and got up to 688,133 — a huge difference from the former number. The publication arrived at this conclusion by totaling drink bases with all the possible add-ins. In 2021, the fast food chain started offering zero-sugar Singles-To-Go mixes in three flavors: Cherry Limeade, Ocean Water, and Strawberry Lemonade (via Bevnet). This gave customers the ability to add the taste of Sonic to their water bottles without having to swing by a drive-thru location.

The drive-thru chain is constantly adding new limited-time drink offerings to its menu. Per Business Wire, Sonic recently introduced a churro shake with cinnamon sugar, and the Bursting Bubble flavor made a comeback as well; both beverages will only be available until September 25 and must be ordered through the Sonic app. That's not all, though. The drive-in chain recently hinted at a new flavor on Twitter that has fans buzzing.

An unclear type of clear

On Friday, August 5, Sonic's official Twitter account made an announcement: One previously loved drink flavor will be returning to its menu. "This flavor is making a comeback for a very limited time... drop your guesses," the post read. A short video included with the Tweet shows an individual mixing a clear beverage with ice using a straw — not much to go on when it comes to guesses. Because the beverage in the video was clear, some Twitter users responded with jokes. "Finally the return of sprite!" one posted, while another comment guessed "plain" as the returning flavor. Two actual guesses included pineapple and "The Pickle Slush for Pickle Rick."

While the topic of secret Sonic items is on the forefront, the chain has a few drinks you may not know about (via Wide Open Eats). You could try out a Purple Sprite (made of Sprite, Powerade, lemonade, and cranberry juice), or a Sonic Sunrise containing orange juice and cherry limeade. These beverages may be more colorful than clear, but they also may be able to hold you over while you wait for what Sonic has in store next.