Here's How To Finally Get Your Hands On The Hostess Themed Lattes

For longtime fans, Hostess snack cakes may taste like nostalgia wrapped in spongey cakes filled with sweet cream. Cupcakes with white squiggles, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Suzy Q cakes, Sno Balls, and Zingers are just some of the sweet treats Hostess has provided over the years. These cakes are beloved. In fact, when the company announced it would be going out of business in 2012, actor Rob Lowe famously tweeted, "Mr President, the time for intervention is now! #HostessBailOut #FruitPiesForever #HoHosArePeopleToo" (via Entertainment Tonight). Even journalist Diane Sawyer joined in this social media chorus, writing, "We're all saying goodbye to an old friend tonight. Twilight hours for the Twinkie."

A decade later, fans young and old can still find Hostess products. They come in boxes on shelves or little packages that grocery stores conveniently place right at the check-out stands. Back in 2020, per a press release (via BevNet), the brand even partnered with Trilliant Food & Nutrition so fans could have their Hostess cake and drink it too. The result: Twinkie, Sno Ball, Honey Bun, and Ding Dongs flavored ready-to-drink iced lattes. While not everyone may have seen these coffee drinks in their local grocery store before, there's some news for shoppers at a certain chain who are hoping to get their hands on these lattes.

2 Hostess latte flavors can now be found at Walmart

According to a press release published by PR Newswire, Trilliant Food & Nutrition's Twinkie- and Ding Dong-flavored Iced Lattes will be sold at Walmarts throughout the United States. They will also be sold at other stores across the country as well. These ready-to-drink beverages come in 13.7-ounce bottles. The Twinkie Lattes are said to taste like "yellow sponge cake with notes of cream" while the Ding Dong version pairs chocolate and vanilla.

Twitter has some opinions on these options. User @BackinJack wrote, "They taste like super sweet vanilla & chocolate lattes. For snack cake authenticity, go with the Ding Dongs. They smell like the foil wrappers and have an essence of Devils Food cake." However, user @buttercupbeetle advised caution when drinking the Twinkie-flavored version, tweeting "a word of warning though— it's really sweet so add 1 part latte and 1 part milk of your choice."

If you're worried about supply chain issues with this product, Tom Lehocky, Vice President of Sales for Trilliant Food & Nutrition said in the press release, "Our retail partners value the fact that we manufacture our ready-to-drink beverages within our own production facility, which eliminates many of the supply challenges other brands are experiencing and will continue to experience for the foreseeable future."