When Will Hostess' 'Pop-Able' Bouncers Hit Stores?

Supply chain issues have been making headlines for some time now, and shortages may even be cause for concern when it comes to Halloween candy this year (via Washington Post). For Hostess, making a lineup of baked goods that have a shorter shelf life than other snacks makes things especially challenging. Hostess Brands president and chief executive officer Andrew P. Callahan explained, "So we're not one of those categories that have catch-up in inventory. So we ship real time. As far as the supply chain fragility is concerned, we still have some disruptions" (via Food Business News).

In spite of those disruptions, Food Business reported Hostess had a good quarter with revenue growth in the double digits. The company is currently "building a multiyear pipeline of new products," according to Callahan, including the launch of Baby Bundt Cakes. Another new item that has been in the works is Hostess Bouncers. According to Trend Hunter, the new snack is a "bite-sized" version of three of the brand's iconic treats: Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Cinnamon Donettes. When Instagram user junkfoodmom posted about the new item on the platform, one follower enthusiastically responded, "You have our attention."

Hostess' new treat is bouncing into stores this fall

Bouncers might be finding their way into school lunch bags this year, as the new treat is scheduled to hit store shelves "on a limited basis this month with an official rollout expected in late September" (via Food Business News). The new Hostess snacks are creme-filled, and, according to Brand Eating, come in boxes of five separate pouches with three of the Bouncers in each pouch.

Some eager snackers have already tested out the new product. Tami Dunn explained on YouTube, that she was able to find the boxes of Bouncers for $5.99 at Kroger. She points out the Twinkie version of the Bouncer has glazing, unlike an old-school Twinkie, and even found it tasted better than the original (1:23). During the taste test, she and her husband found they also liked the Ding Dong Bouncers better than Hostess' other chocolate cakes (5:00), but her favorite was the Cinnamon Donnettes Bouncers (7:46). Only time will tell, but if other Hostess lovers feel as strongly about the new Bouncers as Dunn, the company may just have another good quarter in its future.