Why We Might See A Candy Shortage Before Halloween 2022

These days, it's hard to imagine a time when you could go shopping and come away with everything on your grocery list. Yes, food was once that plentiful and easy to find. Then, along came 2020 and a global pandemic that would leave supply chains reeling and turn everyday items into a supermarket version of the Holy Grail. 

Toilet paper shortages made this the most coveted item in town with armed robbers in Hong Kong demanding 600 rolls and an Australian coffee shop selling cups of java in exchange for toilet tissue (per The Washington Post). Thanks to a shortage of staff, shipping woes, and a lack of available glass, USA Today reported a liquor shortage in 2021. The Washington Post bemoaned the scarcity of all things chicken, noting the diminished supply of poultry parts and paying particularly close attention to its impact on wing night. Insider added tampons, pork products, imported foods, and corn to the list of things in short supply. Even the mode of transport that lets you get your groceries has been impacted. According to PBS, the semiconductor and general parts shortage has led GM to manufacture 95,000 cars and trucks with missing parts. These automobiles will sit until they can be completely finished. 

Yes, it seems like every day we become aware of a new product that has gone MIA. News outlets and manufacturers are warning that the next item that will be hard to find is Halloween candy. Here's why.

Supply chain issues linked to Halloween candy shortage

With a shortage of treats to offer your neighborhood ghosts and goblins, you may find yourself receiving more tricks this Halloween. Get the egg-scrubbing gear ready. According to The Washington Post, Hershey says there won't be as many Halloween confections on shelves this year. This is thanks to a lack of key ingredients due to continued supply chain troubles complicated by Russia's attack on Ukraine. CNN further explains that due to skyrocketing milk prices and ingredient shortages, they have had to seek out new suppliers, which is an expensive endeavor. Hershey's CEO says that as a result, they had to make producing their regular product line a priority and put their Halloween specialties on the back burner. 

City News adds that Nestlé reports comparable problems, which may translate to even fewer candy bars being available for costumed kiddies outside of the United States. For example, they manufacture Kit Kat, Aero, and Smarties for the Canadian and British markets. 

With Halloween hiding just around the corner, you may want to grab your treats early. After all, you don't want to disappoint your junk food-seeking juveniles. And you certainly don't want them pulling any tricks.