The Papa John's Cocktail That Captivated Twitter

Before we begin, we'd like to ask you a question: Why do we do anything? What drives us to do the things we do? Do we do these things out of love for the ones we care about? Is it because we have something to gain from it? Or maybe we do certain things because we know that, deep down, we simply can do them. No one's stopped us or is stepping up to stop us, so why not? 

It is this principle of doing things "because we can" that has driven people to do — or in this case, consume — some of the most unexpected things ever known to man. It's how the brief fad of dipping your pizza into a glass of milk went viral back in 2017 (via Thrillist) or why someone set the record for chugging an entire bottle of ketchup (via Guinness World Records). There's a comprehensive list of food challenges that involve pouring Mentos and Diet Coke into your guts or soaking your eyeballs in vodka — and those were in 2019 alone. Who could imagine what's going on now in the hectic and off-the-rails year of 2022?

One Twitter user stepped up to give us a glimpse of what to expect. The user managed, in an act that flies in the face of both man, nature, and social expectations, to create a "shot" that promises to deliver all the delicious flavors of Papa John's in one swig.

The Papa John's shot was made with vodka and garlic sauce

"Vodka P*pa John's garlic sauce shot with Parmesan rim. I live outside of God's sight and by consequence outside of his love," a Twitter user wrote of the Papa John's shot they created and credited another user for helping make the concoction. The mixture of vodka and garlic sauce dusted with a cheesy Parmesan rim resembles a viscous yellow sludge poured lovingly into a souvenir shot glass. Many users were, needless to say, shocked by what they were witnessing.

"Not sure if it's saying this counts as a vegetable or if you need to eat some vegetables after doing this shot," wrote one user. "Beautiful and disgusting. Bravo," praised another. Upon consuming the drink, the original poster claimed that the vodka in the shot had "tempered" the flavor profile, which perhaps implies that the flavors of Papa John's can be overwhelmed with vodka or work so well together that they actually blend into one singular flavor. Should you be willing to taste-test your own Papa John's shot, you may be able to find the answer.

While so far no one else has sought to make shots from other pizza chains, others have experimented with trying to drink their fast food as well. One woman on TikTok actually showcased how to blend your McDonald's into a beige paste perfect for spreading. Why? Because why not?