The Huge Change Bob's Red Mill Is Making To Its Business Model

Some people can remember the bread baking fad during the pandemic. Beyond the sourdough starters and perfected baking recipes, many people were stocking the pantry with flour, grains, and other baking ingredients. While the store shelves might have been bare, the click, order, deliver option ensured that the oven produced a tempting aroma followed by a delicious bite. For many people Bob's Red Mill and its robust line of products were a pantry staple. Now, the brand has decided to pivot in a new direction, per Food Dive.

Online shopping and direct to consumer (DTC) options were a staple of pandemic shopping. According to Dun and Bradstreet, DTC is defined as "a business model where products and services are sold directly to consumers instead of through a third-party retailer or wholesaler." Since this business model gives brands control over the customer experience, it appealed to consumers who wanted a stronger connection with the company and its products. Food brands looked to skip the middleman and bring their wares directly to people's homes. Unfortunately, shipping logistics, costs, and other business factors have created speed bumps along the way. Now, the companies are bringing their products back to the store shelf while putting a closed sign on that online store.

Here's where you can now buy Bob's Red Mill products

Ground in tradition, Bob's Red Mill products have been a favorite with bakers for decades. While the old school methods might not be as technologically advanced, the brand believes that the Old World Stone Mill technique puts whole grain goodness in every bag. According to Food Dive, the company will halt its Direct To Consumer sales effective August 12. Even though this sales avenue closes, a company spokesperson said that this change was due to "wide availability of Bob's Red Mill products in stores and online."

While the mill is still grinding, the sales locations are changing. Since 1982, the company has sold its products at Fred Meyer (per Bob's Red Mill). In addition, it can be found at other major retailers including Target, Walmart, and other retailers, per Food Dive. The robust product line includes flours, oats, baking mixes, and a robust selection of ready-made products. The founder of Bob's Red Mill Bob Moore said, "We believe in good food for all." While the brand might not be answering the phone to take that flour order, its products are still available to feed the soul one recipe at a time.