McDonald's Has A New Deal For Fans Of Its Crispy Chicken Sandwich

When the same old menu gets kind of boring, limited-time meals and specials can help give consumers something to switch up the monotony. To celebrate summer, Arby's has an Orange Cream Shake, and Subway is offering a deal on its Subway Series Subs where consumers can buy one footlong and get another for 50% off. It's clear these deals can help drive business. According to a  2019 press release by Business Wire, its marketing and consumer research showed that 20% of consumers would visit a different restaurant if there's a promotion, and 12% of people would change their original plans to find the lowest price.

"Our data shows when restaurants make an up-front investment in offering incentives to diners, they see greater ROI and foot traffic gains in the long run, as well as more frequent and lucrative brick-and-mortar visits," Executive Director of Restaurant Valassis Dana Bagget said. It's likely the team at McDonald's knows this because the fast food chain is offering a deal on its Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

McDonald's is offering a $5 meal deal

From now until September 4, McDonald's is offering a Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal deal, per Chew Boom. For just $5, customers will receive their choice of a crispy, spicy, or deluxe chicken sandwich along with medium fries and a drink when they order on the McDonald's app. Only one deal can be redeemed each week per account.

Added to the Golden Arches' national menu in 2021 (via Today), the original Crispy Chicken Sandwich is topped with pickles, while the Spicy Chicken Sandwich nixes the pickles for spicy pepper sauce. The Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich is loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise, and each sandwich comes with a toasted potato roll (the original sandwich's roll is buttered as well). During the initial rollout of McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, some responses were lukewarm at best. An unimpressed contributor for concluded their review with "I'll have a Big Mac, please." A YouTube review by Peep THIS Out! complained about the size and rated it a 6.5 out of 10. Not everyone on Reddit was a fan, but at least one person loved the regular Crispy Chicken Sandwich and others enjoyed it.

According to McDonald's website, people who don't currently have the brand's app will get an additional perk of free large fries upon downloading. The MyMcDonald's Rewards program allows members to earn 100 points for each dollar spent. Those points can go towards getting free food each someone orders on the app.