Baskin-Robbins' New Cold Brew Flavor Is Really A Dessert

When it comes to coffee, everyone has their preference on the perfect cup of joe. Some insist on taking their usual cup black, while others will happily load up on creamers and sweeteners to lighten the bitter beverage to their tastes. From the bare bones to all of the flavorful fixings, the spectrum of coffee spans wide — and Baskin-Robbins' new caffeinated drink may claim the spot at the very end of the sweet side. 

Baskin-Robbins is well known for its innovative selection of ice cream flavors. While the company has been boasting about their 31 flavors since 1945, the iconic number is actually quite humble. Since the first store was opened, Baskin-Robbins has actually released over 1,300 flavors, according to the company. In addition to its mere scoops, the company keeps other exciting treats in its rotation, like its decadent ice cream cakes. Even though many Baskin-Robbins shops can be found inside of Dunkin' Donuts locations, the company also offers its own selection of coffee products. However, there has never been a cold brew option on the menu ... until now.

The cold brew in question

Baskin-Robbins is encouraging customers to make the most of their final days of summer with one of the company's two latest offerings: Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat ice cream, and the company's first-ever cold brew drink, the OREO 'n Cold Brew Blast. The icy drink combines cold brew coffee with Baskin-Robbins' OREO 'n Cold Brew ice cream, and is topped with whipped cream and crumbled OREO cookies (via Business Wire). As Jeanne Bolger, director of research and development for Baskin-Robbins, explained, "The OREO 'n Cold Brew Blast allows us to provide a Cold Brew option to guests looking for innovative ways to enjoy their daily pick-me-up."

The company's new cold brew, which teeters on the edge of a milkshake, probably wouldn't be a typical coffee drinker's first choice for their morning wake-up. And it's definitely not a simple iced coffee. But as a summery sweet treat, it could be exactly what a caffeine-crazed sweet tooth needs to start the day.