Why Twitter Is Comparing Baskin-Robbins' New Flavor To Pop-Tarts

According to Baskin-Robbins' website, the chain has over 1,00 delicious flavors of ice cream for the desert obsessed to dig into. But in 1953, the company had only 31 ice cream options. So how has Baskin-Robbins bulked up its ice cream repertoire by such a significant number? It's safe to say that the company's flavor of the month promotion (where it creates an all-new flavor in honor of each new month) is responsible for its now hearty amount of different ice creams. And, of course, it has also given ice cream lovers something to look forward to every time the date changes.

But while this July's camp-fire-inspired s'mores ice cream of the month was met with a generally positive reaction by Baskin-Robins fans, when the chain took to Twitter to announce the ice cream flavor debuting in honor of August, Baskin-Robins lovers were left asking questions. The name of this month's official ice cream is Frosted Strawberry Toaster Treat, and if you think that sounds awfully familiar to another beloved toasty dessert, Twitter agrees with you.

Twitter is convinced Baskin-Robbins' new flavor should have been a Pop-Tart Collab

According to BRAND Eating, Baskin-Robbins' Frosted Strawberry Toasted Treat is composed of "toaster pastry-flavored ice cream with pastry pieces, strawberry jam swirls, and rainbow icing flecks." From the strawberry jam to the rainbow sprinkles, this month's ice cream flavor seems to have taken direct inspiration from Pop-Tart's wildly popular strawberry pastry, which takes the number one spot in our ranking of Pop-Tart flavors. And Twitter users couldn't help but point this out in the comment section of Baskin-Robbins' post on the app.

One user made a light-hearted joke about the company's newest ice cream treat writing, "So Poptarts said no to the colab, huh? It's ok, I'm still your #1 fan, Baskin." Another user, who attached a picture of a Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts box to their post, tagged Pop-Tart's parent brand, Kelloggs, urging the two to do an official team-up, "Ahem, I am sure @kelloggsus would be happy to do a collab, as the kids say."

While Pop-Tarts has not officially responded to Baskin Robbin's newest flavor, there may be potential for the two treat brands to work together in the future. After all, Pop-Tarts has partnered with the likes of Eggo and Crumbl Cookies in the past to bring foodies delicious Pop-Tarts-influenced flavors. So maybe next time Baskin-Robbins sets out to make a flavor similar to Frosted Strawberry Toasted Treat, the chain will be able to release an official Pop-Tarts ice cream dessert.