Doritos May Have Hinted At A Mysterious New Flavor On Twitter

Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese, and Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch are all part of the lingua franca when speaking of Doritos flavors. Doritos, as we know them, have been around since Arch West, who worked for Frito-Lay back in the day, discovered the concept of this chip in the 1960s during a vacation to Southern California (per The Washington Post). It was definitely a eureka moment for the snack food company because, after the success of the first flavor which, per The Recipe, was a simple corn tortilla, the brand decided to create a taco flavor that hit the grocery store shelves in 1966. The streak of good fortune and customer reception continued, leading to the launch of the classic Nacho Cheese flavor that put this Frito-Lay chip on the map in 1972. 

The iconic brand has since released a number of flavors that keep fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation, and this year, Frito-Lay isn't offering up prize money, but it has taken to Twitter to possibly tease a new flavor of Doritos and get the guessing game started.

Twitter plays the guessing game

Doritos posted a photo on the social media platform of a Dorito chip set against a background of yellow and red. Hovering over the signature-shaped chip is a black squeeze bottle labeled with a question mark and dripping out some type of mystery sauce. Doritos captioned the image with, "hmmmm what could it be?" Fans immediately jumped into the conversation with one guessing, "Sriracha or Cholula?" While another member of the Twitterverse suggested "mayo" and one unyielding follower boldly stated, "If it's not black pepper Jack we don't care."

Still, others saw the colors of the background as a clue with one eagle-eyed user asking, "Ketchup Doritos finally coming to the U.S.? Please let it be." Ketchup Doritos are definitely a Canadian favorite (per Daily Hive). Perhaps these chips which are described as having a "vinegary" taste are migrating to the U.S.? We won't rule that answer out. 

But another fan split the difference between the yellow and red clue with their answer, typing, "Either a ketchup or mustard flavor chip from Doritos." Seems like an interesting possibility and an intriguing way to wrap up the summer with flavors that are a backyard condiment combo favorite. How many guesses until Doritos drops another strange new flavor into a grocery store near you?