The Viral TikTok Honey Spell, Explained

Eating honey every day can offer health benefits. But either way, it tastes delicious and never expires, so it's always a good thing to have around. But did you know it can be used for more than easing your next sore throat? Believe it or not, honey has also served as a symbol of worship in many religious practices throughout history.

Whether it serves as a gift to God in prayer or as a symbol of new life and happiness, honey has been found extending far in the past, appearing in early Christianity, Jewish culture, and Hinduism (per the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the Jewish Virtual Library, and Planet Bee). The golden syrup has also carved its way through pagan culture and has been used as a tool to cast spells through various witchcraft rituals and ceremonies (via Learn Religions).

Speaking of witchcraft, with the new viral WitchTok trend on the scene, more and more young people are turning to the popular social media platform TikTok to find their next healing spell or meditation ritual. A love spell involving honey that hails from a specific culture has recently surfaced on the app.

What is the honey spell exactly?

While putting salt in the corners of your home seems like a safe at-home ritual, there are a few more intense practices flooding the bounds of TikTok. In the last few weeks, a lot of videos exploded on social media regarding the honey spell, which is better known to Latin American culture as a practice of Brujería (via Daily Dot). According to Be Latina, Brujería is the longtime religious custom of Latin Americans employing white and black magic along with items found for the purpose of casting spells or even conjuring demons in some cases.

One user on TikTok posted a viral video about the spell and said, "If you want someone to be obsessed with you, keep watching." The user adds a disclaimer that only Hispanic or Latina people can use the spell, advising non-Hispanic people to be careful of "karma" if they go forward with it. The TikToker goes on to explain the process: Make a cross of honey on your tongue while thinking of the person you hope becomes your soon-to-be admirer. While some commenters claimed the practice in fact works, others were bothered by the cultural limitations of having to be Latino to safely perform the spell.

Not only are rumors swirling about the spell backfiring on one non-Latino TikTok user, but the back and forth in the comment section crosses some sticky boundaries in the eyes of some users.

What makes the honey spell extra concerning?

The reason for the honey spell causing some concern on social media is the potential harm it can purportedly bring to those who attempt the practice outside the bounds of Latino culture or any other ancient tradition where the spell is of common practice. According to the Daily Dot, many Latino TikTokers are warning social media users about the dangers of the spell, calling it a "closed practice." 

TikTok user @taylerbrickeen has been called out in comments of a video practicing the spell. In a video showing the aftermath of an accident, many users chimed in with comments like, "The ... honey thing backfired," and, "Don't mess with THE SPELLS." The TikToker not only denied that the recent accident is related to the spell (per Daily Dot) but also completed the ritual again in another video for all to see. Commenters who pointed out that the spell was a closed practice were not happy.

One user reacted to @taylerbrickeen and described the second use of the spell as "mocking," while another person commented, "I've seen a lot of people do this and it's so disrespectful." With Yahoo reporting that TikTok is one of the most used platforms for Gen Z, it may be best for those sharing parts of their ancient cultures at lightning speed to be mindful of the publicity they can garner, both positive and negative. No one is arguing the benefits of having honey around, but when it comes to performing spells from different cultures people should try their best to be respectful.