What Happened To The Yard Milkshake Bar After Shark Tank?

"Shark Tank" has introduced us to some of the most interesting innovations to hit the market, especially in the food space. Entrepreneurs apply to be on the show to pitch their idea to a panel of investors, with the hope of striking a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

For The Yard Milkshake Bar, that deal didn't come too easily. Initially, Logan and Chelsea Green, the founders of The Yard (an ice cream bar that makes impressively outrageous milkshakes and other treats), were seeking a $400,000 investment for a 15% stake, but when the sharks learned during the episode that the stake only included future franchised stores and not the couple's four current locations, some of them took issue.

Mark Cuban, however, still offered the duo a deal for just the future stores, but for a higher stake. Ultimately, the Greens struck a deal with Cuban for a $400,000 investment for 22% of the future franchised stores. It's been nearly three years since The Yard appeared on the show — and since then the company has been known to have some of the absolute best milkshakes in the U.S.

The Yard has expanded its locations since appearing on Shark Tank

Chelsea and Logan Green entered the "Shark Tank" with the goal of striking a deal to help them franchise their growing business, which had already done $6.4 million in lifetime sales. Since pairing up with Mark Cuban, the two have realized that franchise dream — and beyond.

According to The Yard's website, they've increased their brick-and-mortar locations six-fold in the three years since the brand made its "Shark Tank" pitch. The Yard now has 24 locations in 11 states, as far north as Washington and as far south as Florida. Most of the locations are congregated in the Southeast United States. However, the brand's website does note that, as of August 2022, they are not accepting new franchisees.

Logan did reveal in his pitch that it would be relatively easy for franchisees to get started. He noted that The Yard has an architectural team that would meet with franchisees to build their location and that the Greens would do "99%" of the work involved in setting up a new franchise. Perhaps the pause on accepting new franchisees is due to the booming business keeping them busy.

The Yard expansion doesn't stop at its brick-and-mortars

Mashed couldn't find an accurate report of The Yard's sales with its new franchises, but it's clear Chelsea and Logan have built a brand that's not just your average chain-restaurant milkshake. The company even works with other local small businesses to make the milkshake visions come to life. The Yard's Jacksonville, Florida location opened in May 2022, and customers might have been surprised to learn that the spot had partnered with a local bakery to source cookies for some of the milkshakes. Plus, the Jax Daily Record reported that the store's opening created nearly 30 jobs for the area.

Per The Yard's website, you can join in on the fun even if there isn't a location near you. There is a "submit a shake" form, where you take your most creative milkshake ideas and send them in with the possibility of making them a reality. You can also order a milkshake kit through Gold Belly and try your hand at whipping up one of The Yard's shakes in the comfort of your own home.