What Happened To Bon Affair After Shark Tank?

When Jayla Siciliano appeared on Season 5, Episode 28 of "Shark Tank," she was on a mission to change the wine industry with low-calorie wine spritzers. Dubbing her company Bon Affair, Siciliano believed her product would be a hit with health-conscious wine drinkers.

Siciliano launched her line of wine spritzers as a result of some negative cocktail party experiences in which she would feel excessively groggy the day after an event. To remedy this, she began diluting her wine with sparkling water. She fell in love with the blend's taste, which inspired her to create an alternative wine spritzer that would be better for consumers and not leave them with a dreaded hangover.

The episode's panel of Sharks included Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, and Mark Cuban. O'Leary, in particular, is a wine lover and a sommelier for O'Leary Fine Wines. Nevertheless, he was not one of the Sharks who bit at the offer.

What happened to Bon Affair on Shark Tank

Siciliano entered the Tank asking the Sharks for $150,000 in exchange for 35% of Bon Affair. She confidently assumed the Sharks enjoyed drinking wine, and that they cared equally about their health. The truth about wine is that one glass of red can contain upwards of 125 calories; knowing this, Siciliano wanted to create a wine to fit health-conscious lifestyles. Her sparkling wine spritzer contained only 65 calories per glass, but it wasn't only the beverage's low calories that made it unique. Siciliano shared that her product contained no added sugars and instead boasted added electrolytes to ease hangover symptoms.

While Corcoran volunteered that she enjoyed wine spritzers, the other Sharks didn't enjoy the beverage. O'Leary shared that men drink a wine-spritzer equivalent known as rose wine with ice, but Siciliano specified that her target market was working women or busy moms who might like to indulge in a better-for-you glass of wine. Prior to Siciliano's appearance on the show, her product was sold at 10 Whole Foods locations throughout California and had sold $11,000 of product in approximately six weeks.

Unfortunately, most of the Sharks felt Siciliano's concept either required too much work or wasn't substantiated enough to take a bite. Ultimately, though, she did end up striking a deal with Cuban, who offered her exactly what she asked: $150,000 for 35% of the company.

After Shark Tank

Even if a deal is accepted on the Tank, it can sometimes fall through after the show airs. Fortunately, Siciliano successfully left the show with her and Cuban's deal intact. Shortly after, Cuban helped grow her business to $500,000 in sales, though all of this money had to be reinvested into the company. While the sales numbers looked great on paper, unfortunately, the business was not profitable.

When Siciliano appeared on "Beyond the Tank," she was gearing up to meet with a large winery that could help her with distribution. The problem? She'd need to devalue her other investors' shares to offer the winery equity. Cuban advised her to offer the distributor the equity on the condition that the new investors meet a sales requirement. Even though Siciliano was nervous, she and the winery eventually reached a deal.

To help with sales, Cuban suggested the company come up with a drinking container that could be used in the pool. Siciliano agreed to launch a new product, and the company introduced an aluminum drinking container to its product line.

What's next for Bon Affair

Siciliano ultimately left Bon Affair in 2016 to pursue other business ventures. In 2019, the company's blog shared that its wine was only available for purchase in Texas, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, Arizona, Minnesota, California, South Dakota, and Arkansas. As of 2023, the company is still in business, raking in about $5 million per year. Customers can still find Bon Affair products in some Total Wine and More locations and use the site's pickup location finder to see if the brand is available near them. Bon Affair's sparkling wine is available in two flavors, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.

Fast-forward to 2021 and Siciliano has transitioned from "Shark Tank" inventor to real estate maven. According to her Instagram account, she wrote, "My career has zig-zagged from corporate to entrepreneur on 'Shark Tank' to becoming a mom then back to corporate."

Siciliano and her husband began investing in vacation rentals before eventually starting their own vacation management company, Atlas Vacation Properties. Before launching her rental business in 2020, Siciliano worked as the vice president of sales and marketing at Seymour Duncan. Her rental business allows her to spend more time with family, while also allowing her space for creative endeavors.