The Restaurant That Gives Surf And Turf A New Meaning

More and more eateries are seeking to help you simultaneously nourish your mind while nourishing your body. After all, the restaurant world is getting increasingly competitive. By providing diners with literal "food for thought," many hope to attract curious customers. 

There are several establishments that promise to impart valuable culinary skills. For instance, Forbes reveals that Dallas's Abacus offers a Dirty Dozen cooking class on how to create lavish cuisine. And San Francisco's Flour + Water teaches a master class in making pasta from scratch. If you want to be immersed in culture, Atlanta's Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse seeks to impart knowledge of the bard by providing both a meal and a play. Do you want to learn more about where your food comes from? Joe Huber's Family Farm & Restaurant of Starlight, Indiana offer both down-home cooking and an educational program that is a "great way to kick-off the unit of farming and nutrition." And, if you love all-things-mechanical, Colorado Springs' The Airplane Restaurant allows diners to eat inside a 1950's Boeing KC-97 tanker and peruse its impressive collection of aeronautical artifacts all about air travel. 

And, now, there's a way to take up a new sport while meeting your besties for lunch. 

This eatery will teach you how to surf

If you've always wanted to surf but find yourself landlocked, the folks at Brossard, Quebec's Oasis Surf have the perfect setup for you. Thanks to their innovative eatery, you can take surfing lessons and enjoy a great meal all in one place. That's right. This quirky restaurant brings new meaning to the term "surf and turf." As for the "surf" side of things, patrons of Oasis Surf can book packages that include both theory and practical lessons or they can simply ride the waves. Quebec Attractions enthuses that this North American first uses "Surfstream," a safe way to learn surfing skills and a great way for even highly skilled surfers to up their game. Montreal magazine says that beginners must receive instruction before climbing aboard the two-foot wave, while experienced surfers can ride a six-footer. 

And when it comes to the "turf," you'll think you're dining in a tropical destination. With healthy bowls featuring seafood, fish tacos, salmon tartar, Pacific salad, lobster rolls, and a traditional surf and turf, this menu will make you forget that the ocean is nowhere in sight.  

If you've always wanted to try surfing but live too far from the coast or have a debilitating fear of sharks, this dining establishment may help you tick that item off your bucket list. Before making the trek to "La Belle Province," just remember to pack your swim gear.