McDonald's Pumpkin Creme Pie May Be Returning Soon

While some of us are still in the thick of complaining about the summer heat, fall lovers are already dreaming about the pumpkin-y foods soon to grace their kitchens and stomachs in the very near future. While there are a ton of pumpkin recipes to make this autumn, some retailers know how to hook pumpkin fans by dangling those seasonal treats right when folks are ready to say goodbye to summer.

Starbucks sure knows how to garner a cult following with its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, but McDonald's is riding shotgun this fall with its seasonal Pumpkin and Creme Pie. Nestled within a flaky, shortbread-like crust similar to the fast-food chain's classic apple pie we all know and love, the Pumpkin and Creme Pie contains a layer of spiced pumpkin filling alongside a rich "cream cheese based" vanilla creme layer on the other, simulating the taste of an old fashioned "pumpkin pie with whipped cream," per Brand Eating.

The easy-to-eat pocket pie has been a favorite seasonal staple for years. When @junkfoodonthego posted a photo of the pie in 2021 announcing its release, McDonald's fans went wild, with one stating "I'll take 2 with coffee." While @junkfoodonthego reminds pie fans that the pumpkin treat is not available at all locations, it's even more important to find out when this seasonal gem will be released so McDonald's lovers can be on the lookout.

When will the McDonald's Pumpkin and Creme Pie be available in 2022?

If past years are any indication, the infamous seasonal treat should be out right when the air is turning crisp outside and the days become shorter. Per Chewboom, the pie was released in stores in early October 2020, making a slightly earlier comeback when it was spotted in mid-September of 2021 (via Instagram). With these dates in mind, you should expect the McDonald's Pumpkin and Creme Pie to be back in no time.

While you could make a homemade pumpkin pie as you long for the seasonal treat's return, you could also get a head start on enjoying fall staples when you have your morning coffee by partaking in one of the fast-food chain's newest bakery items. Per USA Today, the McDonald's apple fritter and cinnamon roll took their much-welcomed place on the McCafe Bakery menu in 2020 and can satisfy your need for warming spices until the pumpkin pie makes its way back to stores.

If morning sweets aren't your thing, you can still snag a Blueberry Creme Pie, which came back to the McDonald's menu in January of this year. Whichever limited-time item you choose, one thing's for sure: Consumers respond to seasonal products, and the McDonald's fall Pumpkin and Creme pie is no exception.