The Canola Oil Substitute Bobby Flay Swears By

Bobby Flay is well known for his grill prowess. Flay has even been labeled as Food Network's go-to guy for this method of cooking thanks to his series "Beat Bobby Flay" and "Grill It." Let's face it, if there is a celebrity chef who makes us want to have a backyard barbecue, it's Bobby Flay — the guy knows his way around just about any cut of meat you can think of. But over the years, Flay's eating habits have evolved. He shared with Men's Journal that back in 1991, he worked long hours and when he got off work he feasted. Flay explained, "Our routine was to go to Blue Ribbon Brasserie and eat four courses and drink a few bottles of wine. That's, like, a really bad idea to do for a long time."

Those habits eventually changed along with a softening of his feelings about vegetarian dishes. On his podcast, Always Hungry with Bobby Flay and Sophie Flay, Flay revealed to his daughter Sophie, "It wasn't that long ago that a vegetarian would come into the restaurant, and that person would be singled out. 'What's he gonna eat? Steamed spinach, obviously.' As chefs, we didn't think about the vegetarian diet whatsoever, forget about vegans."

The Iron Chef's feelings about vegetarian dishes aren't the only thing that's changed. Flay has made a conscious effort to add healthier ingredients to his recipes. Viewers of "Good Morning America" got a dose of this when he shared his substitute for canola oil (via YouTube).

Bobby Flay uses avocado oil

During a cooking segment on the morning show, Bobby Flay made an appearance with his daughter Sophie and shared with the hosts and viewers at home that he is using "a lot" of avocado oil in place of canola oil because it is "healthier" (via YouTube). If you are starting to wonder if Flay's daughter is his muse for healthier eating, we're with you. But the celebrity is not alone in his substitute choice.

According to Flavorful Home, avocado oil is a great substitute for canola oil because it has a higher smoke point and can be used for deep frying. However, avocado imparts a distinct flavor to food so it may not be an ideal substitute if you are making a sweet dessert. The other drawback is that it can be more expensive. 

But is it really healthier? According to Consumer Reports, while there is a large variety of cooking oils out there, most have the same number of calories and fat per tablespoon serving. What separates avocado oil from canola oil is the higher monounsaturated fat it contains, which may have positive health benefits and could make it the better option for some people (via Plant Based FAQs).