The Oven Hack That Makes Peeling Beets Easy

To some, beets simply taste like dirt, while others describe the flavor as more sweet and earthy (via Just Beet It). According to The Irish Echo, beets are commonly paired with goat cheese because of their opposing tangy and sweet flavors; however, other complementary pairings exist, like nuts and citrus fruits (via Secrets of Cooking). 

Since beets are a root vegetable, they're pretty hard and dense when raw, and their dark-purple peels can be rough and fibrous. As such, there are a variety of approaches to preparing beets, including peeling them raw or boiling them first. After allowing them to cool, you can then approach their softened peels with greater ease (via MasterClass).

However, if you've ever tried preparing beets yourself, no doubt you've walked away from the experience red-handed, literally. Many cooks dread dealing with beets because they can be time-consuming and messy. In fact, they are quite notorious for staining everything they come into contact with. So, what if there was an easier way to peel beets without all the added labor and frustration? According to Lifehack, there is. You only need an oven and a little patience for the perfect peeled beet.

Ditch the peeler, embrace the oven

It turns out that using an oven to cook beets can actually save you a lot of prep time and cut down on the staining conundrum. How? According to Savor the Best, you have to only cut the leaves and stems from the beets before you wash and scrub them. Once they're prepped, wrap them in foil individually or in a pan, then place the beets in the oven at 350 degrees for just an hour (via Lifehack).

After the beets are fully roasted, all you have to do is let them cool down and then cut off the rough ends — they should slip right out of their peels. Yep, that means no peeler is needed, and you won't have to stain your hands with fresh red beet juice the next time you want to make that hearty summer salad, pickled topping, or sweet dessert. The first step of prepping these hearty vegetables is now made easier with this hack, leaving you time to discover more amazing ways to cook with beets