Every Airheads Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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Candy is always a wonderful means of adding something sweet to your life. Whether it's soft, chewy candy like gummy bears, or hard candy like Jolly Ranchers, there's something for everyone in the realm of sweets. 

It can be hard to keep track of all the different chocolates and candies that line store shelves, especially considering all the sugary goodness at one's disposal. Only a select number of the candy brand names are memorable. However, since there are a lot of different candies to choose from, you have even more choices for delicious and sweet snacks, and Airheads are one of these options.

Airheads are a soft, chewy, and colorful taffy candy that is a favorite among many candy lovers. It's common to find parents stashing this candy away in an attempt to hide at least one piece of the taffy from their kids. Not only are Airheads available in a variety of bright colors, but they're also sold in loads of different flavors, as well. 

While some flavors are only around for a limited time, and there are others that you might have trouble finding, the best Airheads varieties taste great year-round. The next time you decide to pick up some Airheads, make sure you know which of these chewy delights tastes the best so that you know exactly which flavor to pick. 

Citrus Rush

You may not be familiar with Citrus Rush Airheads unless you saw them in stores when they were released (via Candy Nation). These Airheads were a blend of lemon, lime, and orange flavors. They came wrapped in a bright green wrapper, and the candy itself was lime green. Considering how vibrant these Airheads looked, you'd think this flavor would taste just as good. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. 

This flavor was discontinued around 2018. This is not an Airheads variety that many people are overly excited about. Some people were quite disappointed when this flavor was discontinued; however, reviews indicate that people have very different opinions about the flavor. 

On reviewer on Amazon writes that the Citrus Rush doesn't compare to the other Airheads flavors, and many other shoppers agree with this sentiment. We could see the appeal of this candy, and if you did like this Airheads offering when it was out, we wouldn't blame you. However, of all the Airheads flavors, this is the one that we would really never miss. Overall, this flavor is just missable and forgettable. 

Birthday Cake

When you're in the mood to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, what's better than a sweet, frosted cake? However, a good Cake can be quite expensive, so finding a good treat that encapsulates the same joy and feel of a birthday cake is of utmost importance. For a limited time, the Airheads brand had a candy flavor that was made for a celebratory day: Not just any birthday, but an Airheads birthday!  

In celebration of the brand's thirtieth birthday, Airheads released a birthday cake flavored taffy candy (via FoodBeast). Funfetti-flavored foods, or any birthday cake-flavored treat for that matter, are typically very sweet, and a PopSugar review notes that the birthday cake-flavored Airheads were much sweeter than normal fruit flavors. This funfetti and vanilla flavored bar had the color of vanilla flavored ice cream, with bits of sugary funfetti sprinkled throughout it.

If you like things super sweet, then there's no reason why you wouldn't have liked this flavor; however, seeing as it was only around for a limited time, there's a good chance that it might be a while before it comes back. Still, even if this Airheads offering is reintroduced, birthday cake-flavored candies only really appeal to those with the sweetest of sweet tooths, so unless you're one of those people (and props to you if you are), you might not enjoy this flavor. 

Two-In-One Flavors

What's better than one flavor of Airheads? How about two? For a limited time, the Airheads brand sold large bars that combined two different Airheads flavors. The 2-in-1 Big Bars were sold in two different flavors: Blue Raspberry & Cherry, along with a pink and green colored Strawberry Watermelon candy. Each of these bars was split down the middle, so you essentially got half of one flavor and half of another, all in one bar.

Even though these bars were only around for a limited time, they definitely brought something new to the table in terms of blending together two different delicious Airheads flavors. The Airheads brand brought the flavors of already incredible existing flavors together and combined them into one treat: What's not to love about that? These bars are sweet, fruity, and flavorful, and they're definitely a step up from your typical Airheads. 

However, aside from combining two pre-existing flavors, they didn't really bring any new flavor to the Airheads product lineup. Sure, they had two flavors in one, and they were bigger in size, but you could easily take two different Airheads and eat them together, accomplishing the same feat. You don't even have to limit yourself to the four flavors used in the 2-in-1 bars. And for that reason, while these bars are good, they're nowhere near the best that Airheads has to offer.  


Strawberry-flavored candies are common among popular candy brands. Strawberry Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patches, and other strawberry candies are a silent favorite for many, a fact that is particularly apparent when you look at the reviews (via Amazon). Strawberry flavor is a wonderful addition to any flavor lineup out there, including Airheads.  

Though it might not be as popular as some of the other flavors, Airheads carries a strawberry-flavored taffy candy, which takes on the taste of the sweet, red fruit in a delicious way. Of course, most fruit-flavored candies have an artificial fruit taste, and this candy is no exception, but that doesn't make it bad. This is a solid tasting sweet.

This flavor is sweet and tastes like any good strawberry candy. However, it doesn't seem to be very popular: Some reviewers note that they weren't even aware the Airheads brand carried a strawberry flavor. Those who did try out the flavor seemed to like it; however, online offerings of this product typically indicate that it's sold out, so you'll be hard-pressed to find this flavor. 

If you do manage to get your hands on Strawberry Airheads, you'll probably like them, but if you don't, don't sweat it because there are other easily available Airheads flavors out there that taste just as good, if not better.

Green Apple

When you watch movies like Snow White, the apple depicted is usually a red one. But what about green apples? They deserve some love too. Green apples are commonly featured in pies and as a candy flavor. The Green Apple Airheads candy is sold in green wrappers (similar to the Watermelon Airheads), although it has the graphic of a green apple on the cover. 

While this flavor isn't usually sold along the more "standard" flavors of Airheads, the reviews are a little mixed. Green apple is definitely a flavor that should be tried out at least once in your life. There seems to be a rather mixed general opinion about this particular flavor. While some people find green apples incredibly tasty, others find that the overall flavor is akin to plastic in terms of taste (via Amazon). 

This candy is hit or miss. You'll most likely enjoy this flavor because it's an Airheads candy. However, this green apple flavor proves that while not all flavors are created equal, that doesn't mean that the lesser-known flavors are all bad.


When you were a kid, grape was likely the candy flavor you overlooked among the rest and often left for last, didn't eat, or traded with other kids in exchange for other flavors. However, perhaps as you grew older, you began to appreciate the flavor of a good grape juice, soda, or candy. 

There's obviously a market for Grapy candy; otherwise, this flavor wouldn't be so frequently featured among brand products. Airheads offers a grape-flavored candy, and though it isn't our favorite Airheads variety out there, we can definitely see why people would enjoy it.

Reviews indicate that fans are in favor of the rich grape taste of this taffy. However, one customer feels that grape is a highly underrated Airheads flavor. If you're fine with grape sweets, then you'll likely get a kick out of this flavor. However, if you don't enjoy grape candy as much as others, you might want to opt for different Airheads flavors.


The Watermelon Airheads flavor is sold in a bright green wrapper although the candy itself is a darker green, much like the outside of the actual fruit itself. Watermelons are typically sweet, a little watery, and incredibly juicy, and while Airheads can't taste exactly like a watermelon, if made well, they could come pretty close.  

You'll definitely find people out there who love this variety of Airheads, and you might even be one of them yourself. Even though it doesn't quite live up to the high standards set by some of the other Airheads flavors, this watermelon candy is not something that you should miss out on. Watermelon Airheads aren't super overbearing, and they taste exactly as one might imagine watermelon candy should taste. Just like any good Airheads treat, this candy is soft, chewy, and sweet. 

You'll find many reviews claiming that this flavor is their favorite, but when compared with the other varieties that the brand carries, there isn't anything too special or memorable about this watermelon candy. You can't really go wrong with Watermelon Airheads, and we highly implore you to try it out anyway because although it's not the best of the best, the brand wouldn't be the same without this flavor.


Orange you glad this flavor's on the list? Airheads orange-flavored candy, unlike other Airheads varieties (like grape) is more often than not one of the first Airheads candy that you grab out of the Airheads bag, especially if you're someone who loves anything with a citrusy taste. Every orange-flavored Airheads candy is packed in a wrapper that is the same color as the fruit. The bright orange coloring of this candy wrapper really stands out among other Airheads varieties. 

Orange Airheads are very enjoyable for many people, and they're a worthwhile sweet to have when you're craving a bit of sugar. Orange Airheads don't taste as citrusy as a genuine glass of orange juice or the fruit itself, but honestly, they don't need to: This candy tastes great as it is. This taffy definitely hits the mark in terms of orange-flavored candy. 

You can taste the orange in the taffy, and it isn't too sweet or overbearing, so the overall taste is quite wonderful (via Amazon). There are numerous consumers and Airheads fans who consider orange to be the best flavor of the candy out there, so any orange-loving candy fan who tries this Airheads variety will likely find themselves with a soft, chewy, and sweet orange-flavored treat that they're highly likely to enjoy. 

White Mystery

When you decide to have a treat or a meal, more often than not, you know what you're getting yourself into. There's a sense of comfort in knowing exactly what you want to eat, although, when it comes to candy, a little risk may make for a rather disgusting experience like accidentally eating a vomit-flavored jelly bean. However, a bit of mystery can also lead to a much more enjoyable experience, as is the case for Airheads mystery flavor

These Airheads are sold in silver wrappers, and they essentially offer various different flavors that are wrapped and sold without the dye. So, if you opt for the White Mystery Airheads, you could easily end up with a candy that tastes like a cross between cherry and a green apple or something entirely different.

This candy certainly gets bonus points for not staining your mouth as badly as some of the other Airheads candies, and many of the flavor combinations that make up Mystery Airheads are fun and enjoyable. Some people may prefer the usual flavors since they have a more consistent taste, but since "mystery" is literally in the name of this candy, you know that you're not going to get any "normal" kind of sweet flavors in this treat. 

Overall, not only are these Airheads a great way for the brand to use up its excess flavors, but they're also a wonderful means of providing candy lovers with a fun, delicious, and mysterious treat. 


No dessert/candy flavor lineup is complete without cherry flavor, and that includes sodas, pastries, and of course, Airheads flavors. This classic, bright red fruit-flavored candy is a favorite for so many people, and it's pretty incredible in terms of its sweet, delicious flavor, and iconic taste. When it comes to cherry candies, this Airheads product is the cherry on top. If you find yourself torn between the cherry and some other flavors, then cherry should definitely be one of the top choices that you opt for. 

This flavor is juicy, sweet, and sensational. You can really taste the rich fruity cherry candy within each bite. Reviews for the Cherry Airheads are overly positive, with one consumer on Influenster writing that the flavor of this candy is rich, tart, and it will stain your tongue red. 

You can never go wrong with cherry, and these cherry-flavored Airheads prove just that. This flavor is a lot easier to find in stores than some of the others, so if you ever feel a hankering for this particular cherry candy, then you'll know where to look. 

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry may not be a real fruit, but it's certainly a flavor of candy that many people enjoy. When you offer to share a pack of Airheads with someone, there's a good chance that the first flavors they opt for are the Mystery flavor, the Cherry Airheads, or the Blue Raspberry option.

The Blue Raspberry Airheads are definitely the best flavor: They're totally unbeatable. It may stain your tongue blue, but when you taste the sweet, bold taste that each bar of taffy entails, you know that it's worth it. There's little we can say against the Blue Raspberry Airheads. They tastes just as good as any blue raspberry-flavored candy, and you will absolutely love them. 

One reviewer of this product writes that they bought this flavor as a birthday gift for one of their students and that it was practically perfect. Even if you aren't looking for  Airheads to celebrate a birthday or enjoy at a party, a blue raspberry-flavored candy like this one is sure to make just about any candy lover's day. Get ready for the blue tongues and sweet flavor because when it comes to Airheads, Blue Raspberry is the top flavor.