The Sweet Treats Headed To Cracker Barrel This Fall

Fall not only brings cooler weather, but arguably some of the best seasonal food and drinks of the year. If we walk into a coffee shop in the fall and are not immediately hit with the smell of cinnamon or giant signs advertising some form of pumpkin spice latte, it's a wrap. People are truly obsessed with comforting fall flavors, so much so that Starbucks has sold over 424 million pumpkin spice lattes since the drink was introduced in 2003 (per Well + Good).

According to Food & Drink Resources, creating hype around seasonal/limited-time-only items is not only great from a marketing perspective but also gives businesses a chance to test new menu items. Although Cracker Barrel is predominantly known for simple breakfast food, it has been incorporating exciting, limited-time menu options to keep customers engaged. This year, in celebration of summer, the brand introduced a Rocket Pop Mimosa, which is fun to order whether you "do it for the 'gram" or for nostalgia (via Restaurant News). Now that fall is around the corner, Cracker Barrel is at it again with sweet new menu items that will satisfy seasonal cravings.

The Peanut Butter Cup Mocha and Apple Streusel Pie have arrived at Cracker Barrel

Pumpkin-flavored desserts get all the hype in the fall, but few things are more intoxicating than a warm slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting over the top. Cracker Barrel's decor screams Americana when you walk in, and adding this pie to the menu only turns up the volume. The breakfast chain's official website describes the pie as "cinnamon sugar apples baked into a flaky pie crust and topped with buttery cinnamon streusel." If you've ever tried to bake a pie at home, you know that it's harder than it looks, so paying $12.49 for an entire pie is a pretty great deal. It may even be one of the best things to order at Cracker Barrel. The restaurant announced this new menu item on Facebook, and fans were excited. "Finally! Something that is NOT pumpkin! When APPLE was the flavor of fall," commented one fan.

Another exciting addition to the menu is the Peanut Butter Cup Mocha, which is espresso topped with chocolate whipped cream and finished with chocolate and peanut butter sauces. The drink is available either hot or iced for $3.79, which is a modest amount for satisfying your coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter cravings all at once. "Oh my! For my peanut butter cup loving friends out there!!!! This," commented one fan on Facebook.