The Grey's Anatomy Star Who Ate At Martha Stewart's New Restaurant

If you follow Martha Stewart at all, then you know that over the course of her decades-long career her star has only continued to rise. She may be getting older, and her Martha Stewart Living Magazine may have just made the big switch to being a digital-only publication (via Eater), but Stewart has so many irons in the fire that it doesn't even seem to matter. She's appeared on several recent television shows, including "Chopped," "Clipped!," and her "The Great American Tag Sale" special (via IMDb); she has a line of chardonnay with the brand 19 Crimes Wine (her BFF Snoop Dogg does, too); and now, for the first time, Stewart has her own restaurant.

Inspired by her farmhouse in upstate New York, Stewart's Las Vegas restaurant The Bedford opened on August 12 (via Vegas Magazine). The restaurant was designed to look just like the interior of Stewart's home, and even the place settings are replicas of what you would find if you were invited to Stewart's home for dinner. We know that Stewart runs with a famous crowd — Snoop Dogg isn't her only celebrity friend, you know — but fans still seemed excited when she shared a photo of a "Grey's Anatomy" superstar enjoying a meal at the newly opened restaurant.

Ellen Pompeo ate potatoes and caviar

If social media is anything to go by, then Ellen Pompeo ate at Martha Stewart's restaurant The Bedford not once, but twice this past weekend. The "Grey's Anatomy" star shared a photo of herself standing between Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg on Instagram, with a caption congratulating Stewart on the opening of her restaurant. Then, Stewart shared a photo of Pompeo on Instagram showing the actor seated at a table inside The Bedford, enjoying what Stewart identified as "the smashed potato with Osetra caviar and creme fraiche." Apparently, Pompeo was there for the 50th birthday party of photographer Douglas Friedman. In Pompeo's photo, the star is wearing a different outfit than she is in Stewart's, leading us to believe that she dined at The Bedford more than once during its opening weekend.

As for how Pompeo enjoyed her meal, she commented on Stewart's Instagram post, "People don't food is truly truly amazing!" Fans seemed convinced. "That looks like the world's best potato," gushed one. "I've never wanted to try caviar, this makes me change my mind," said another. While you might want to wait for more expert reviews of The Bedford to roll in before rushing to make a reservation, it sounds like Stewart's got at least one celebrity endorsement under her belt so far. Yahoo! Life reports that, besides the fish egg-topped spuds, other dishes on the menu are similarly extravagant, like a $90 roasted whole and carved tableside.