Insomnia Cookies' New Flavor Is Inspired By A Nostalgic Sandwich

There are some flavors that are so nostalgic, it seems impossible to divorce them from our memories of childhood. Rectangle-shaped pizza from the school cafeteria washed down with low-fat chocolate milk; celery sticks filled with peanut butter; s'mores enjoyed by the campfire. Sure, we might have had these foods as adults, but we'll always associate them with our youth.

There are lots of ways chefs and brands have tried to elevate these sentimental flavors. Grandma Pizza is basically just an "artisanal" version of the rectangular pizza from the school cafeteria, and these days, you can find about a million different ways to enjoy s'mores – even pickle-flavored s'mores. Some might question whether these culinary innovations are necessary, but we say, let the flavors speak for themselves. Now, there's a new entry in the nostalgic foods makeover category, and it comes from Insomnia Cookies. One of its new seasonal cookie flavors is basically a sweet reboot of an iconic brown bag lunch sandwich.

Insominia Cookies' new flavor will remind you of school lunches

Insomnia Cookies, a chain of cookie restaurants with more than 150 locations nationwide, just announced its late-summer seasonal offerings on Instagram. There are two new flavors, only available until September 25, including one called Midnight Berry, which is stuffed with berry-flavored cereal, but the one that will remind you of an elementary school lunch gone haywire is the Deluxe Filled PB&J. The brand says these grape jelly-stuffed peanut butter cookies are "super limited-edition & available in limited quantities at select locations," so those who want to try one should come to terms with the fact that actually getting to taste one of these nostalgia-fueled treats might be harder than a 6th-grade math test.

In fact, fans in the comment section of Insomnia's Instagram post were already complaining about how hard it was to access the shop. "I wish I had an Insomnia Cookie shop closer to me," lamented one user. "The closest one is in Chicago, and even then that's hours away." The brand does ship, but it sounds like the new flavor still might be harder to get ahold of than the answers to next week's history exam. 

In an announcement obtained by Mashed, the brand did mention that they will drop two more fan favorites in September. Classic Cookies 'N Cream will be available for one week starting September 6 and Classic Caramel Apple Pie for one week starting September 13.