Are Pickle S'mores Really A Thing Now?

Summer won't be here for long and what better way to celebrate the close of the warm and bright season than by digging your teeth into a gooey chocolate-filled s'more around a campfire with family and friends? Even if you can't build a billowy fire in your backyard, oven-baked smores are just as delicious.

Regardless of the way you're whipping up your next graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow concoction, there are many additions to the classic American favorite that you may be missing out on if you don't try them at least once. While adding simple upgrades to s'mores like cinnamon and peanut butter cups is always a good idea, there are even more ways to elevate the classic treat.

According to Kenzie Bindrup, the marketing and community manager at the hip 1927 Smore's Company in Portland Oregon, there are unique ways to upgrade your everyday s'more by adding fresh fruit or keeping the classic treat reminiscent of the current season (per Thrillist). Bindrup also reminds us that sweet and salty flavors always pair well together, suggesting Saltine crackers in lieu of graham or adding flaky salt to the traditional classic to add some zest.

With the notion of salty and sweet in the forefront of your mind, do you think that includes pickles? With National Smore's Day approaching on August 10th, there's one company that's suggesting a crazy twist on this classic summer snack.

Are you willing to give S'mores with pickles a try?

When it comes to holidays around food, people tend to level up and aren't afraid to try new things. National S'mores Day is no different. While the beloved donut brand Krispy Kreme partnered with Hershey's to change the donut game to include s'more-like flavors for the marked holiday last year, 2022 holds a new promise with pickles.

While you may have heard of elevating your traditional s'more with cookies or bacon, pickles may be a combination you haven't considered yet. According to Reynold's brand, apart from posting a recipe that includes marshmallows and bacon on cookies, pickles on s'mores is a combination worth trying with a quick pickle s'more recipe also shared on the company's website.

You're probably wondering by now what exactly pickles and chocolate taste like when paired together. While it's not the most common flavor pairing out there, some folks in the world have given it a try and it didn't fare so bad, with reviewers actually giving the combination a thumbs up.

So now the real question remains — when it comes to National S'mores Day this year, will you be living on the edge by adding pickles to this much-loved summertime dessert?