How Ruffles Just Made History With Its New Chip Flavor

The sports industry has been making alliances with non-sports brands for well over a century. As far back as 1870, tobacco companies featured collectable cards on the inside of cigarette packs that depicted popular sports stars of the day (per Open Media UK). Less than 60 years later, Coca-Cola became the first official sponsor of the inaugural Olympic Games, giving way to partnerships including the Super Bowl and Anheuser-Busch and Serena Williams and JUST Egg, among countless others. 

With the exception of Michael Jordan's brief affiliation with McDonald's (ah, the McJordan Quarter Pounder, we hardly knew ye), the National Basketball Association is in a serious relationship with Frito-Lay brand Ruffles. As the "Official Chip of the NBA," the ridged snack boasts its lineup as "the best chip flavors the game has ever tasted." Evidence of that statement can be found in limited-edition chip flavors tied to specific players, including LeBron James (whose Flamin' Hot Cheddar and Sour Cream flavor dropped in January, per PR Newswire) and Jayson Tatum (who worked with the brand on a Flamin' Hot BBQ flavor last year, per Frito-Lay).

For its latest Chip Deal, Ruffles is breaking the mold with its first-ever WNBA partnership with superstar A'ja Wilson. 

Smoky BBQ Ridge Twists are inspired by Wilson's Southern roots

Just in time for the 2022 WNBA Playoffs, Ruffles has dreamed up a new Chip Deal flavor with Las Vegas Aces forward A'Ja Wilson, a four-time WNBA All-Star (per PR Newswire). Not only is Wilson the first female athlete to serve as an ambassador for the brand, but she's also behind Ruffles' new form: Ridge Twists. Described in press materials as "Ruffles ridges [...] with a light, airy twist," the spiral-shaped snack takes on a "smoky BBQ" flavor that "taps into A'ja's South Carolinian roots." They're also available in Double Cheddar. "Ruffles and I have a lot of exciting things coming and I can't wait to keep this momentum going," says A'ja. 

Per the announcement, A'ja fans can find the star's signature Ruffles flavor in stores nationwide and on "in the coming weeks." That should give basketball fans plenty of time to get their hands on a bag or two before the Playoffs are over.