Fast Food Tattoos That Prove Food Love Is Real

Getting a tattoo is — or at least, should be — a big decision. It's forever, after all, and it's a huge commitment. People choose to get a tattoo for all sorts of reasons, but one of the biggest is that it's a representation of something near and dear to them, something they couldn't imagine doing without. But surely, fast food is a convenience and not a necessity, right? Actually, there are quite a few people out there who don't just have a favorite fast food place, they have a place they love so much they've had it inked on their bodies. Don't believe it? Check out this food love.

McDonald's McRib

Announcements about McDonald's McRib sandwich are always met with excitement, and it's no secret they have a super-devoted following. It takes a special kind of love to get one tattooed on your arm, though. But we have to ask: Doesn't this just serve as a painful reminder of what could be, every time it's taken off the menu?

Burger King crown

We're absolutely not going to deny that Burger King's crown is linked to some serious childhood memories. There was something special about it, and there was something that made us all feel special. It didn't even matter if you were at a BK birthday party and everyone had crowns... it was yours that was real, wasn't it? We feel you. 

Dunkin' Donuts coffee

Burgers are one thing, but coffee? That's something different. The struggle is real when there's one person in the car who's die-hard Dunkin' Donuts, and another who prefers Starbucks. Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's to say, but we know where this person stands. 

KFC logo

We all know Colonel Sanders is an old-fashioned sort of gentleman, so we'd love to know what he would think of someone not just getting a tattoo in tribute to his finger-lickin'-good restaurant, but of his own classy mug. At the very least, this should get you a free side every time you visit. It's free advertising, after all! 

Del Taco love

Sure, you love tacos, but do you love Del Taco? This person clearly does, and they're not afraid to flaunt it, either. No Mighty Taco or Taco Bell for this guy!

Ronald McDonald

Clowns are creepy, we'll say that right up front. They might be the stuff of nightmares, but what's not creepy is this Ronald McDonald tattoo. He's adorable! He's even daydreaming of his favorite burger, and let's be honest. You're thinking about the same thing now, aren't you? 

Taco Bell forever

There are some fast food places that are just "fine." You're surveying the people in the car, looking for something they can all agree on, and some places are guaranteed to have something for everyone. Not Taco Bell, though, and if you suggest it you're bound to get one of two responses: "Heck yes!" or "NO!" We know what this person's response is.

Burger King logo

Sure, you could get all abstract and stylized. You could opt for a tattoo that needs to be interpreted and explained, one that only you know the meaning of. Or, you could just get the logo of your favorite burger place tattooed on your body, because there's something to be said for straightforward, too. 

Tim Horton's coffee

If you're a Tim Horton's fan, you know the truth: no other coffee will do. You pity those that haven't had a Horton's open in their neighborhood, you pick up some Horton's coffee to brew up at home, you have a back seat full of empty Timbits boxes, and you wear your red-and-gold with pride. Serious Canadian pride. 

White Castle tribute

White Castle isn't just a guilty pleasure, it's a way of life. For years, it was the stuff of late nights out with friends, sharing a bag of burgers while sitting on the hood of your car and watching the sun set, and more than a few gaming sessions. White Castle isn't just about sliders, it's about memories. 

Domino's nostalgia

This isn't just a tattoo, it's a walk down memory lane. Remember the Noid? No one was really quite sure what he was supposed to be or why he was so obsessed with pizza, but he's pretty much synonymous with the '90s. It's not just Domino's love that's real, it's Noid-love, too.

KFC portrait

Getting a portrait done can be tricky business, especially if you're going for something that's more life-like than caricature. You run the risk of getting a piece that looks nothing like who it's intended to be, but I think we can all agree this artist absolutely nailed it. What would the Colonel think?

McDonald's space fries

We get asking an artist for their version of a Bic Mac, or even some fries. A logo? We get that, too. But we would have loved to be listening in during this request. "It's McDonald's themed, right? Only he's a spaceman. Wearing David Bowie's boots. And with fries in his backpack." We know how the conversation ended, at least, and it's adorable. 

Starbucks Frappucino

Starbucks has built themselves a rabid fanbase over the years, and this Frappucino looks like it's ready, willing, and able to take on anyone who says they prefer Dunkin'. He means business, like we do when we order one Venti... and another as a backup. 

McDonald's cartoon

You know the love is real when you go for not just a small, easily hidden tattoo to pay homage to your favorite fast food joint, but when you do a partial sleeve on some prime tattoo real estate. We do have some questions about what's going on here, though, and we'd like to know if this counts as cannibalism?

Burger King loyalty

It's simple, it's small, it's straightforward. This person loves Burger King, and they're not afraid to tell the world they dream of Whoppers at night. 

McDonald's rubbery duck

Choosing what kind of tattoo you're going to get is only part of what it takes to come up with a really, truly great tattoo. The other part is personalizing it into something that's completely you, and we're guessing this person who combined their love of McDonald's with a rubber ducky and came up with a whole new superhero found the perfect tattoo for themselves. 

Carl's Jr. dedicated employee

We're assuming the text means this person is an employee of Carl's Jr., and that's some serious dedication to your job. They're making burgers while they're on the clock and advertising while they're off the clock, and that's definitely going above and beyond what the employee handbook requires. 

McDonald's crew

Now, do you want to talk about some serious dedication? Check out this full back, full color McDonald's tattoo... and then see if you can tell us what this guy's favorite restaurant is. You're looking at the product of hours and hours sitting in the chair, and we'd love to know what the artist was thinking while he was laying out this one. 

Domino's pizza

As if there's any doubt how you feel about the pizza place you immortalize on your body in tattoo form, this one clears up any confusion. An artistic marriage of the Domino's logo, actual pizza, and a heart leaves nothing to be questioned... except, "Would you like pepperoni on that?"

Taco Bell besties

If you're going to get a couples' tattoo, you might as well have fun with it! This Taco Bell tattoo is simple, fun, and best of all, no one would even guess what it was until you're together. Aw!