26% Of People Aren't A Fan Of This Celebrity Chef, According To A New Survey

Before there were celebrity chefs, there were just chefs. No matter how talented they were, they didn't have their own TV show and worldwide fame. That began to change in 1814, when a boy named Marie-Antoine Carême started a job at a French bakery named Patisserie de la Rue de la Paix (per NPR). His story was a tragic one; Carême was abandoned by his parents, forcing him to begin work as a kitchen boy at the age of eight for a place to stay. However, his bleak past didn't hold him back. By the end of his life, he had published popular cookbooks and prepared meals for the royals.

According to WiseTour, celebrity chefs differ tremendously from typical chefs. For one, many of them didn't attend culinary school, and some aren't chefs at all. This is interesting, considering the difference in pay. As of 2008, the top 10 chefs in the world made anywhere between $3 and $18 million, while the salary of other chefs lies between $40,000 and $70,000 per year. Despite the influence a celebrity chef has on home cooks, not everybody is going to like them. Mashed recently conducted a survey to find out which chef is the most disliked out of six options.

Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly favored

A survey conducted of Mashed readers revealed which celebrity chef is the most disliked. Out of 599 total responses, 26.21% said that Gordon Ramsay is their least favorite chef. The second least favorite was Rachael Ray with 16.86% of all votes. Of the six choices, the most well-liked chef was Ree Drummond with only 13.36% of votes. Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri tied at 13.52%, while Giada De Laurentiis racked up 16.53% of votes.

While Gordon Ramsay is a respectable and talented chef, he is likely hated due to his constant yelling, bad language, and insult-spewing on his TV shows. However, according to Upworthy, he's actually quite nice when the cameras aren't rolling. When a fellow chef reached out to Ramsay on Reddit to ask for advice, the "Hell's Kitchen" star had nothing but words of encouragement. He even offered to help the commenter get a job at one of his restaurants. In the end, it seems like some of his hate is unwarranted after all.