The Subway Customer Behavior That Annoys Reddit The Most

When you work in customer service or any sort of retail job, you have to deal with a wide variety of customers. While most of the customer base is your average everyday shopper with nothing special about them, it's inevitable you'll run into some customers that, despite better judgment, would make you find yourself wanting to clock out and never come back to work. These types of customers could be anyone, from annoying know-it-all's who think that they could do your job better than you to the guy who thinks that the restaurant he's standing in is the best place to get into a fight.

While these may sound like exaggerations, that no such customer could ever exist, there are some cases in which employees have to deal with the annoying behavior of certain patrons. Many Redditors can attest to having customers that do everything from letting their kids run around the store, to arriving early before opening and getting mad they aren't being served.

On some occasions, the behavior of unruly customers can become dangerous. Such was the case at one Burger King in Florida that was the scene of a violent attack, as one customer left the drive-thru and ran into the restaurant to assault a female employee (via Newsweek).

When you work in the restaurant or retail industry, certain customers can quickly get on your nerves. One particular customer type, while not exactly dangerous, is apparently the bane of Subway employees' lives.

Subway employees hate customers who give huge orders right away

"I wish all customers who say the entire multi-sandwich order right away a very I hate you."

This was the message conveyed through a Bugs Bunny meme to the subreddit of r/Subway. The problem customer, it would appear, is someone who dumps an incredibly large order made up of different sandwiches as soon as they get up to the counter. Other users, apparently Subway employees themselves, find this type of customer particularly annoying as well.

"LITERALLY. and theres almost no in-between for me," said one user.  "Its either these people or customers who refuse to tell you more than one detail every 10-15 seconds."

"I had someone walk out on me because I asked them what kind of veggies they wanted on there sandwich more than once, during a lunch rush I was also working by myself," reported another user.

Other types of customers that Subway employees find annoying to deal with include privileged old ladies, irritable older men, and in one case, "customers who come into the store" (via Reddit). It would seem that there's a wide range of customers who turn the art of sandwich-making into a tough job.

Next time you visit your local Subway, keep in mind to maintain good behavior and try to avoid ordering a certain sandwich that some employees hate to make.