Reddit Is Calling Out The Dangerous Punishments On Hell's Kitchen

When you enter a competition with the name "hell" in it, you know it's going to be tough. Sunshine and lollipops are not going to feature prominently, if at all. The contestants of "Hell's Kitchen" know what they're signing up for, especially now that the show is entering its 21st season. Anyone who's ever watched Gordon Ramsay's long-standing cooking contest is surely aware that participants will be bombarded by a barrage of British expletives, have the occasional chunk of protein pitched in their direction, and be required to deal with a monolithic amount of dorm room drama. 

This experience is truly not for anyone with a fragile ego, a lack of confidence, or mild sensibilities. IMDb's parental advisory guide warns that the profanity used in "Hell's Kitchen" is severe with one contributor warning, "Chef Ramsay swears in every single episode, at least 30 f-words per episode." Why is there so much swearing? ITV contends that the "essence of the show is to place participants in a deliberately high-pressured environment, where conflict with each other and chef Ramsay is commonplace" (via Digital Spy). Evidently, this is not an atmosphere where people are encouraged to play nicely and get along. After all, drama, shocking behaviors, and Gordon Ramsay's worst insults ever attract viewers. 

Clearly, the show's competitors are not expecting a smooth sail, but one aspect of the show has come under the criticism of Redditors for being downright dangerous.

Redditors were angered when Ramsay turned off the air conditioning

Over the years, the episode's losing team has endured a myriad of disgusting, back-breaking, or time-consuming punishments. Reddit points out, however, that some have been downright dangerous. When u/rainbowofanxiety asked r/HellsKitchen what they think the show's worst punishment was, two biggies stood out. The original poster contended that it was cruel of Gordon Ramsay to punish the blue kitchen in season one by turning off their air conditioning during the dinner service. Others agreed.

While it's unclear what scorching temperatures the blue kitchen endured, a Facebook video shows the thermometer passing the 125-degree mark. For a little perspective, BizFluent points out that the California Code of Regulations says that an employer must implement measures to keep employees safe when the indoor temperature passes the 85-degree mark. This kitchen blew past that mark 40 degrees ago. 

And many Redditors believe that this wasn't even the worst punishment endured on this show. 

A punishing bike ride hospitalized one contestant

A huge number of Redditors commented that the most perilous punishment involved asking an overweight chef with pericarditis (Robert Hesse), along with two other chefs with injuries, to ride a conference bike uphill to a supermarket to get the ingredients for the night's dinner service. Following this punishment, Robert sought a medic and was, then, rushed to hospital.

What exactly did the Reddit crowd have to say about this avoidable event? U/Reiycecake was appalled that they gave this punishment to a chef that "was diagnosed with pericarditis the previous season." One said she was genuinely worried about Robert, and another accused the show of hazing and was relieved that it seems that the production team has now come to their senses. 

Others questioned the safety of having contestants wade through trash or consume spoiled food. One commenter said, "I remember they had to drink a scallop milkshake from left over scallops. Couldn't they be deadly since it's left out fish?" Another pointed out the dangers of "rummaging through festering garbage," while someone else asked if they were given hazmat suits. 

Clearly, some of "Hell's Kitchen's" punishments went too far and required contestants to put their health in jeopardy. No one, no matter how much they long to win the top prize, should have to choose between their physical safety and elimination.