Wings Over's New Menu Items Are Made For Bacon Lovers

Wings Over has an interesting backstory. Its humble origins can be traced to 1999, when the original location debuted in the college town of Amherst, Massachusetts. Before long, the chicken wing outpost was a chain with a "cult-like following,” per QSR, for its saucy and dry-rubbed offerings beyond the standard Buffalo-style wing. It soon took flight beyond Amherst, opening franchise locations in multiple states.

The story goes that Dan Leyva fell hard for Wings Over as a student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and was "devastated” when his favored location closed in 2017 (via Forbes). He and three friends decided to put their money toward reopening the restaurant, and before long the quartet acquired the entire operation. They rebranded Wings Over to focus on their food, friendly employees, and "smileable experiences” designed to bring customers in and position the company for long-lasting growth. These strategies helped Wings Over solidify itself as one of a handful of chicken restaurants taking over the U.S.

Change appears to be a priority for Wings Over — and these updates sometimes include things like limited-time-only sauce flavors and sizzling new menu drops that make room for bacon.

Wings Over adds some bacon sizzle to its menu

Plenty of people say that everything is better with bacon, but Wings Over has launched a new menu that stars bacon along with another American favorite: molten cheese. Cheese plus bacon plus chicken form the core of the chain's Cheesy Bacon Chicken Menu, which offers a trio of temptations for those craving something other than wings, according to a press release sent to Mashed.

First, there are the Cheesy Chicken Loaded Nachos, which don't start with a bed of tortilla chips. For this item, Wings Over drops its waffle fries or tots (your choice) in the fryer and uses them as a base for chicken tenders, available in more than two dozen different flavor options. The finishing touch is a layer of gooey melted cheese, plus a sprinkling of bacon bits. Meanwhile, for those still aboard the chicken sandwich craze, Wings Over has also introduced Loaded Tender Sandwiches. They're just what they sound like: an oblong bun filled with your choice of chicken tenders and fixings. This isn't the first time Wings Over has dropped a chicken tender sandwich, but it the first that comes with cheese sauce and bacon. According to the chain, these new menu items are available for a limited time only at all Wings Over locations.