The Moldy Costco Meat Stick That Has Reddit Horrified

We're all used to searching for the best deals in grocery stores, rummaging through aisles to find anything that will save a few cents. But perhaps we should be looking more closely at the quality of the goods we're purchasing — you only get what you pay for, after all.

A particularly important place to start keeping an eye on the condition of items would seem to be Costco, after Reddit started to raise alarm bells about mold being found on food. The social media site has also taken aim at meat sticks sold at Costco, following a complaint from a user about mold.

User Fit-Seaworthiness712 uploaded a photo to Reddit showing what is believed to be a Chomps meat stick with a bulbous white mold growing in the middle. According to Chomps, Original Beef Jerky Sticks cost $22.50 for 10, and are "guaranteed to make a mouth-watering snack experience." Eye-watering may have been a better description in this case. Redditors aren't happy that the moldy stick was allowed to be sold, and are offering advice on what the purchaser should do next.

Costco offers refunds for moldy products

The moldy Chomps meat stick is concerning Reddit, with user superchiller making a joke about Chomps' slogan, saying, "Chomp. Barf. Repeat." User Gr8daze says they had to stop buying meat sticks from Costco due to mold problems, but that the company accepted returns without issue. One commenter mocks the supermarket, saying: "Name a more iconic duo, Costco and mold."

Some Redditors see the funny side though, including one describing the moldy meat as "aged to perfection", and another believing the growth "looks like a gator or dinosaur."

Other Redditors are suggesting eating around the moldy area, but this isn't recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Mold roots can burrow deep into foods, meaning that the surface mold may only be part of the problem. Mold roots can contain poisonous substances, and toxins and harmful bacteria may be present throughout the food.

Reddit users recommend taking the faulty meat back to Costco for a refund. Costco confirms that most items can be taken back to Costco for a refund of the purchase price as part of the company's "100% satisfaction guarantee." The USDA advises thoroughly checking food for signs of deterioration before buying it, as well as informing store managers if you discover any defects.