The McDonald's Microwave Post That's Backfiring On Twitter

Whoever handles McDonald's Twitter account acted without foresight when they tweeted, "if u reheat ur McDonald's this is a safe space."

It is noteworthy that the tweet in question garnered the intended reaction initially as the conversation took on humorous air. Two unique cases apparently involved reheating a coke and a McFlurry, and the comment thread really started looking like the ultimate McDonald's fans' club when a netizen asked for a hug. "Bring it in," cooed the Ronald McDonald ambassador.

In retrospect, McDonald's reheating post was a strange move, because cold food or temperature-related issues constitute a large percentage (66%) of all restaurant customer complaints, per Thrillist. This, and the fact that McDonald's relies on third-party entities to deliver their food, makes their post about reheating seem impulsive. It stands to reason that since McDonald's serves millions of customers every day (per Fast Company), there may be a fair number of people who end up having complaints about the fast food chain (especially regarding cold food).

As proven by the deluge of hectoring remarks that followed, the post was counterproductive.

McDonald's unsafe space

If some of the comments are anything to go by, then Twitter's consensus is that McDonald's food is often cold upon arrival and "gross". McDonald's public relations tool of choice was a link to their United States Restaurant Feedback page, which they posted to appease unhappy respondents. Eventually, the thread became so inundated with negative comments that McDonald's stopped replying altogether.

Admittedly, among the grievances were those that seemed unwarranted. One patron threw up, which is alarming (only until you read the full comment). As their account goes, "once ate 4-day old McDonald's reheated tho, threw up." Another tweeter complained that they also suffered the same ailment after gorging themselves with two large chips — the fault here may not lie with quality, but rather the quantity they ate.

Nonetheless, the would-be safe space for those who reheat their fast food has become a toxic space for Mcdonald's.