Here's What Alex Guarnaschelli Really Made For The US Open Menu

Champion chef Alex Guarnaschelli will be joining tennis champions at this year's U.S. Open. The Food Network star will in fact be returning to the U.S. Open, as her pop-up version of her restaurant Fare graced plates and palates at the 2021 U.S. Open as well (per U.S. Open). This year, Guarnaschelli's Fare will be featured as part of the new Flavors of the Open event on August 25 (via Yahoo). 

The Flavors of the Open event is a first this year and takes place during Fan Week, an open week where fans don't need a ticket to watch players practice, watch current and former players speak, and enjoy other events. Some of the special events require their own specific paid tickets, as is the case with Flavors of the Open. During the regular Open, Guarnaschelli's Fare will be part of the restaurant or sit-down dining options available at the top tier of service. The championship offers seven tiers of dining options, so there's something for every taste, time frame, and budget. Here's what to expect on the menu at Fare. 

Guarnaschelli is going back to her roots

Alex Guarnaschelli told People that this year, she'll be serving a New York-inspired menu. The U.S. Open takes place in Flushing, New York, a part of Queens. As Guarnaschelli is an NYC native herself, she wanted to make a menu that brought "hints of New York experiences" in every dish. The menu at Fare, which Guarnaschelli created especially for the U.S. Open, is Mediterranean-inspired.

During the Flavors of the Open special event, one dish from a selection of specialty food vendors available during the main Open will be offered (per U.S. Open). The offering available from Fare will be a watermelon and feta salad. Also confirmed to be on the regular menu are burrata sourced from Little Italy and Italian ice with pickled cherries. As for the rest of the menu, it may be something like the menu Fare offered in 2021, which included such Mediterranean offerings as cavatappi and yellow tomato sauce, seared branzino with wheat berries and sugar snap peas, and shrimp cocktail with a bergamot aioli (via U.S. Open). Not too shabby for a Michelin-star chef.