Crumbl Cookies Just Brought Back An Award-Winning Flavor

Crumbl Cookies have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. The Takeout partially attributes this viral cookie company's success to its distinct pink packaging and drool-worthy videos on TikTok. The company was founded in 2017, but 2020 was the year it really took off, boasting $53.4 million in domestic sales. The company was built on the self-proclaimed "world's best chocolate chip cookie," which remains on the menu every week, while the rest of the flavors rotate (via Crumbl's official website). These limited-time flavors create a sense of FOMO, which we all know is a powerful tool.

"Typically, cookies only come out on the calendar once or twice a year, because that's how many flavors we have," COO of Crumbl Sawyer Hemsley said in an exclusive interview with Mashed. "We have about 170 plus flavors." That is a lot of flavors to come up with, so every once in a while Crumbl outsources the cookie creation process to its fans. It creates the "People's Choice Cookie" using Instagram's polling feature, where cookie lovers can vote on the cookie base, frosting, and topping. In 2021, fans voted to make a sweet treat featuring a widely beloved cookie, and it returned to the menu this week.

The Oreo-packed Mallow Sandwich is back

Oreo lovers may be rejoicing because the 2021 People's Choice Cookie is back at Crumbl Cookies this week (via Instagram). The Mallow Sandwich is basically a supersized Oreo, but with soft cookies instead of the crunchy chocolate wafers. It is two chocolate brownie cookies filled with a creamy center that has Oreo pieces and brownie bits sprinkled throughout. "THANK YOU (clapping emojis) we have been waiting," said one cookie fan on Instagram. "I just got mine, it's everything it should be and more," said another Crumbl enthusiast.

The cookie brand also has a thread dedicated to it on Reddit with nearly 14,000 members, and fans shared what they hoped to see in the 2022 People's Choice Cookie. "Would love a whoopie pie style oatmeal sandwich with a whipped vanilla cream cheese frosting. Basic, but yum! Even an oatmeal cookie sandwich with caramel and cheesecake filling," replied one fan. "Thinking a French toast cookie with maple frosting and a sprinkle of powdered sugar," replied u/mnkymj620. The voting for the 2022 People's Choice cookie went down back in March, and the result has yet to be revealed as far as we can tell, so for now, fans can enjoy last year's vintage cookie (via Instagram).