The Internet Is Floored Over A Fake McDonald's Vs Burger King Competition

McDonald's or Burger King: Which one is better? Despite their connotation with the 1980s, the burger wars have been raging for more than 60 years (via Marketingdive). But that doesn't stop people from trying to answer that age-old question. While everyone has their own personal (and often deeply held) opinion on the matter, and of course, some think there are reasons why Burger King will never beat McDonald's, British YouTubers Beta Squad set out to answer the question in a more concrete way in their latest video. What better way to find out which burger people really prefer than a side-by-side comparison? One problem is that you don't usually see a McDonald's and a Burger King next to each other, and any difference in location can account for a great difference in preference.

Okay, so Beta Squad wasn't all that technical about it. But the British comedy collective- – consisting of Chunkz, Niko Omilana, AJ Shabeel, Sharky, and KingKennyTV, and joined by JiDion for this adventure – - did find a way around the location error (per Upload Agency). They made their own Burger King and McDonald's — or something like them.

King Burger vs. Donalds Mac

The boys behind Beta Squad are known for their fake employee pranks, where they show up in fake uniforms and "work" at a location as long as they can without getting called out, asked to leave, or having the police called (via YouTube). They've previously been fake Starbucks employees, fake Walmart employees, and even fake McDonald's employees. But this time they took things one step further — they weren't just fake employees, they ran fake restaurants.

Well, real restaurants, just not the ones they purported to be. The Squad set up a fake Burger King (King Burger) across the street from a fake MacDonald's (called Donalds Mac), and hired real employees to cook the food, which looked basically identical to the food sold at the imitated establishments. They then split the Squad into two teams and suited the whole crew up in very convincing fake uniforms.

Then the boys set about to see who could serve the most real customers at their fake restaurant, proving which is really preferred by customers. While they attracted the attention of the local news and were kicked out of a real McDonald's, the experiment largely went smoothly, but of course with lots of laughs and mini pranks delivered along the way. So who won the fake burger wars? King Burger blew Donalds Mac out of the water with 803 customers to Donalds Mac's 235. Seems like it really is the king.