Arby's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Popular Cheesesteak

There are so many popular foods in America that started out as local or regional favorites that eventually made their way to other parts of the country — even if the versions that ended up being sold aren't quite authentic. Just take Taco Bell. The founder Glen Bell tasted a crispy taco at Mexican restaurant Mitla in San Bernardino, California, and created his own rendition of it or Taco Bell, per the BBC. When Taco Bell's success skyrocketed, its crunchy tacos became the widespread default.

That's not the only time fast food has helped introduce people to new cuisines, even if there is something lost in translation. Popeyes gives diners a taste of Louisiana-style fried chicken and Cajun sides, while the hot dog chain Wienerschnitzel gives its customers a trip to the Windy City with its Chicago Dogs. Not to be left out, Arby's is doing its part by bringing back its Prime Rib Cheesesteak, giving people across the nation the chance to try the chain's take on a Philadelphia classic.

Arby's is bringing Philly to the people

Arby's just announced that it is bringing back its Prime Rib Cheesesteak sandwich for a limited time (via Chew Boom). The sandwich, which is inspired by the iconic Philly Cheesesteak, is made with sliced prime rib, melted provolone cheese, onions, and roasted red and yellow peppers. The price of the sandwich varies by location, but the suggested price named by Chew Boom was $6.29 for the sandwich and $9.29 for a combo meal.

One interesting thing to note is that one of Arby's big selling points for this sandwich is that it's made with prime rib, which is usually a large cut of meat that's often slow-roasted, then sliced, according to MasterClass. Meanwhile, the most renowned cheesesteak joints in Philly actually use thinly sliced then griddled ribeye in theirs (via visit Philadelphia). That might be one of the reasons Philly makes the best cheesesteaks, to begin with.

This isn't the first time Arby's has had good news for fans of its Prime Rib Cheesesteak. The brand also brought the sandwich back for a spell earlier in the year, in February. Whether or not it's one of the absolute best cheesesteaks in America, it apparently has a big enough fanbase for Arby's to keep bringing it back.