The Affordable Cookware Line That Counts David Chang Among Its Fans

Although the device is found in 90% of American homes, myths about the microwave have kept the other 10% from getting onboard — perhaps due to concerns about their health. It's understandable why they'd be wary: The microwave was invented accidentally by Percy Spencer, an engineer for the Raytheon Manufacturing Company, who was working on tubes for radar magnetrons when he discovered the device had melted the nuts in his pocket (to be fed to squirrels during his lunch break). Raytheon was co-founded by Vannevar Bush, the man who organized the production of World War II nuclear weapons known as the Manhattan Project, which may have contributed to the microwave's PR nightmare (via Popular Mechanics).

According to Healthline, microwaves work via electromagnetic radiation, the same type found in the cell phones that fill our pockets and the lights we use daily. This non-ionizing radiation is not the same dangerous type associated with atomic bombs. Still, the confusion has led many to believe that the microwave can harm us.

Rest assured that no evidence points to microwaves' lack of safety — and that you can do a lot more with the countertop appliance than make popcorn and reheat your leftovers. A new female-founded, AAPI-owned cookware line was explicitly designed for preparing food in the microwave in minutes. One fan of the brand is celebrity chef David Chang, who's been known to educate and inspire his Instagram followers about the benefits of the microwave cooking method.

Anyday cookware

Much like the microwave, Anyday cookware was created accidentally when hungry founder Steph Chen par-cooked a whole chicken in the microwave to shave off cooking time. Happy with the juicy results of her bird, Chen developed a cookware line designed to cook foods properly and safely in the microwave, with no more plastics leaching into the food. Marketing primarily to Gen Z consumers, Anyday launched its lidded, microwave safe dishes in 2021 and has additional products coming soon. Its blog lists ideas for things you can cook in the microwave, from fresh grains and vegetables to Trader Joe's products.

Anyday employs David Chang as a partner, which has him posting much of the same social media content he was before the brand's founding: videos of himself cooking foods like mashed potatoes in the microwave and singing the praises of the tool (via Instagram). According to the company, Chang works with Anyday on "product development and design, recipe content, and more."

Anyday's dishes are made of frosted borosilicate glass that can go from the microwave to a 500-degree oven. A silicone-rimmed glass lid creates a seal allowing food to be steamed in the container, retaining more nutrients than it does with other cooking methods (via Harvard). Pieces can be purchased individually or in a set, including a new eight-piece "College Dorm Room" set. Prices range from $30 for single dishes to $175 for a Complete Set. The line is currently only available on the company's website.