There's Now A Pita That Tastes Just Like A Girl Scout Cookie Favorite

Being able to score Girl Scout Cookies is arguably one of the things that make America worth living in. And it almost seems that as soon as these beloved treats start being sold by eager young girls in green, you blink and the season for Thin Mints and S'mores is over. But luckily, the taste of some of the U.S.'s favorite sweets live on throughout the year in products inspired by the cookies' most-adored flavors. Brands like Nestle have brought coffee lovers Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut creamer, and GNC carries a plethora of nutrition products patterned after these seasonal desserts. But now, a new familiar snack is getting a unique Girl Scout-inspired makeover.

Chip brand Stacy's took to Instagram to reveal its pita thins will be adding something sweet and Girl Scout Cookie-themed to its lineup. After hearing the announcement, fans in the comment section were thrilled to find out that the pita snack was flavored like the most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavor.

Get ready for Stacy's Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins

"I'm speechless with excitement!!" wrote one user on Stacy's Instagram post. "Can't wait to try these!" stated another. The reason for their joy? The sugary taste of Thin Mints has been combined with the crunchy bite of pita to create Girl Scout Thin Mints Flavored Pita Thins. Those eager fans are probably also excited about how the crispy, cookie-inspired treats from Stacy's come in a big bag perfect for sharing — customers who purchase the product will get 15.06 ounces of chocolatey, mint chip-y chips to delight in.

According to Food Sided, this team-up isn't just for making mouths water. Stacy's is also hoping to bring more attention to Girl Scouts' mission to teach young girls how to be business leaders. The company has even gifted $50,000 to Girl Scouts.

Although the hype train for these snacks has already taken off, they will not officially hit stores until September and, when they do, will only be able to be purchased for a limited time. In the meantime, if you're hoping to further expand your pita snack flavors, you may want to be on the lookout for Aldi's Pizza Flavored Baked Pita Puffs.