Aldi's Pizza Flavored Baked Pita Puffs Are Turning Heads

Aldi is known for their special finds, where shoppers can purchase one-of-a-kind items that can't be found at other grocery stores. This week, Aldi has released a special find that has some shoppers feeling nostalgic for the '90s. They are now selling Clancy's Pita Puffs, a pizza-flavored snack that comes in both cheese and pepperoni varieties. According to some shoppers, the taste is very similar to Pizzarias, another pizza-themed chip that was popular three decades ago. 

Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds reminisced: "Baked Pita Puffs in Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza flavors. I tried the Pepperoni yesterday and oh my it took me back to the 90's! The flavor was exactly like Pizzarias chips. The shape is different but the same flavor and they were amazing. Hoping to try the cheese ones soon!" (via Instagram). The pizza-flavored crisps, which were also available in cheese and zesty pepperoni flavors, were an after-school favorite that many people who grew up in the 1990s still remember fondly. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in the late '90s, after Keebler, the company that made Pizzarias, was purchased by Kellogg's, according to 24/7 Tempo.

Aldi shoppers compared these pita puffs to the popular '90s snack Pizzarias

"Have you tried these? Did you love Pizzarias chips in the 90's?" @aldifavoritefinds went on to ask their followers, who were quick to reply with their own fond memories. "That's what I was hoping they were gonna taste like! Or like pizza Combos," follower @jenndilla replied. But even those who weren't nostalgic for the pizza-flavored chips still found a lot to like about this tasty snack. "I bought the cheese flavor — I thought they were so good!" Instagram user @bassce wrote. Other social media users simply responded with plenty of heart eyes and fire emojis, so it's probably safe to say they were satisfied with their purchase.

So if you're curious to see if these baked pita snacks really do bring back some old-school memories (hey, the '90s are back), or if you are simply a fan of pizza-flavored snacks, now is the time to head to your local Aldi and give these Clancy's Baked Pita Puffs a try. They are available for only $1.99 per bag, according to Aldi.