Reddit Can't Stop Talking About Taco Bell's 'Mexican Pizza Conspiracy'

Among the most popular Taco Bell items, you will find quesadillas, burritos, hard and soft tacos, and the Crunchwrap Supreme. A few of the more novelty items the chain is known for include the Quesarito, "naked" chicken chalupa, and Mexican Pizza, which has been in the spotlight lately since Taco Bell got rid of it in 2020. It's safe to say everyone took this decision hard, leading to a "Save the Mexican Pizza" petition with more than 170,000 signatures.

Evidently, Taco Bell was unaware of just how beloved this menu item was — and still is. When the fast food chain brought back the Mexican Pizza last spring and ran out of supplies, it announced on Twitter that demand for the dish was seven times higher than it had planned for. To some people, this makes sense: Since the pizza had been off the menu for two years, Taco Bell had no idea just how loved and missed it was. Others, though, think the company actually planned for the Mexican Pizza to sell out in order to create more hype.

People are divided about the legitimacy of this conspiracy theory

Over the summer, one r/TacoBell Redditor posted, "Does anybody else think the Mexican pizza shortage was planned? The thing basically contains the same ingredients as every other Taco Bell item." A few commenters were quick to point out that the Mexican Pizza actually has its own special ingredients. "The fried tortilla shells are unique. The pizza sauce is unique. AND the packaging is unique," one person said, while another concurred that though the shortage seemed a little suspicious, "There's a slight possibility it really is a supply shortage of those specific ingredients."

Other comments fueled the conspiracy theory and claimed that Taco Bell must have under-ordered Mexican Pizza supplies to gain attention for the popular menu item. "They didn't 'run out' of anything. They sent the stores enough to make specific amounts knowing it will create demand again," one user wrote. The OP replied, "I think the same, Mexican pizza sold out in a day where I live and it's kinda hard to believe that considering the small amount of traffic my local TB gets."

However, not everyone was on board with the theory. One commenter wrote that Taco Bell "based their estimates on pre-removal popularity and it greatly exceeded what they expected on the comeback." Another Redditor agreed, commenting, "I don't think they understood how popular this thing actually was." Whether the conspiracy is true or not, Taco Bell customers recently got the best news about the Mexican Pizza: It's going to be a permanent menu item as of next month.