America's Favorite Snack May Not Surprise You, New Data Reveals

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Do your taste buds gravitate towards salty and savory? No matter which flavor profile puts a smile on your face, America's supermarkets are jam-packed with treats to satisfy your every hankering. And, while you may consider yourself a loyal snacker, faithfully sticking with your favorites, it turns out that your fellow citizens can be an indecisive bunch. 

For instance, Insider reports that back in 2012, a YouGov poll indicated that America's numero uno snacking choice was Ritz Crackers. Yes, just a decade ago, a cracker topped the list. Fast-forward to mid-2021, another YouGov study revealed quite different results with M&Ms coming out on top. Somewhere along the line, the nation's cravings shifted from Ritz to candy-coated chocolate. Yet, by the end of 2021, a Statista consumer study showed that Americans now chose cookies over any other snack. And, in July 2022, research by Zippia narrowed the generic term "cookie" down to pinpoint that the top snack in the country was, in fact, the Oreo. Meanwhile, The Washington Post revealed that snackers around the globe reached for chocolate, with fruit coming in a close second.

Whether it's a case of eclectic taste buds or mere fickleness, it seems that America has no desire to let just one snack food sit on its laurels, lapping up all the sales and praise year after year. Predictably, recent data shows that America has crowned yet another snack item the head honcho — and it may or may not surprise you. 

Doritos are America's favorite snack food... for now

After years of scarfing down sugary M&Ms and Oreo cookies, it seems that Americans are now craving something savory with a bit of a kick to it. Yes, according to research by Wise Voter, 23 states named Doritos their preferred snacking item, making it the nation's number one choice. M&Ms came in second with 17 states opting for them, while five states said they love their Cheetos, winning the orange snack third place. 

Doritos fans are likely unsurprised by these results. After all, it's not the first time this tortilla chip has come out on top. In 2017, the Doritos brand was the best-selling tortilla or tostada chip in the United States with $1.48 billion in sales (per Statista). The second-place finisher, Tostitos, lagged behind at just over $615 million. For Dorito lovers, the big question is, "What is the favorite Dorito flavor?" According to a 2021 Mashed survey, 46% said Cool Ranch was the best, while 18.47% picked Spicy Nacho, and Spicy Sweet Chili yielded 14.66%.

While the absence of Nacho Cheese may be disconcerting, the fact is that Dorito enthusiasts should make the most of this win — no matter what flavor they love the most. After all, if time and survey results have taught snackers anything, it's that an entirely different food will be along to dethrone the Dorito shortly.