Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Michael Symon's Summer Dish

Before scientific and technological advances made it possible for New Englanders to eat strawberries in February, people could only eat certain fruits and vegetables in season. Although less convenient, eating seasonally has several benefits. 

According to WebMD, fruits and vegetables in season are more nutritious than the plastic doppelgangers sold the rest of the year. Commercial farming can modify crops to keep up with demand all year long, but those changes to the DNA of the plant often come at the expense of nutritional value. Seasonal eating is also good for the environment. Continual planting of a single crop depletes the soil of certain nutrients, whereas allowing the land to cycle through different crops is a natural, sustainable way of farming that protects the nutrients in the ground and aids in pest and weed control, as noted by the Rodale Institute.

As consumers, the most critical factor is likely the taste, and fruits and vegetables taste better in season (per WebMD). Chef Michael Symon recently shared a favorite summer dish of his, using watermelon that's sweet and at its peak right now. Since watermelon season ends in September, run, don't walk, to make this dish.

Watermelon kebabs with chili powder, lime, and sea salt

In a video posted on Instagram, Michael Symon combines chilled watermelon, chili powder, lime, and sea salt to create the ultimate summer appetizer. Symon begins by mixing equal parts sea salt, Aleppo, and Urfa chili powder with lime zest. Aleppo and Urfa are lesser-known chili peppers in the U.S. but popular in the Middle East. The two spices add a smoky, fruity, earthy flavor to the watermelon.

Since watermelon is in season, Symon's melon is naturally sweet. If you get a less sweet melon, Symon recommends adding sugar or honey powder (dehydrated honey) to the spice mixture. Using his fingers, Symon massages the mixture together, releasing the oil from the lime zest.

Symons places the cubed watermelon on skewers to make this finger food easy to eat (and carry a cocktail). To serve, the watermelon kebabs are placed on a platter and generously sprinkled with the spice mixture. That's it! The brightly colored appetizer is a refreshing starter to any meal that takes only minutes to throw together.

To pick the best watermelon, recommends examining the outside of the melon. It should have a creamy yellow spot and be free of bruises, dents, or cuts. Since watermelon is mostly water, it should feel heavy for its size. From watermelon sorbet to a refreshing watermelon lemonade, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this summer staple.