The Costco Wings That Are Deeply Dividing Reddit

Countless Costco food items have cult followings. On the other end of the spectrum, the bulk chain store sells a few items that seasoned shoppers know to avoid, including produce, Heat and Eat foods, and some bakery goods (via Reddit).

However, the bulk of Costco's products — pun intended — fall somewhere in the middle. Some people hate them, and other people just can't get enough. One such product is the Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings. Each package contains chicken wings and a sauce packet of classic Buffalo, sweet chipotle BBQ, or sweet Thai chili.

Even though the wings are touted as a quick and easy meal, not everyone is a fan. Others sing the wings' praises, but only after doctoring them up so much that Foster Farms probably wouldn't even recognize its own product. Costco shoppers recently took to a Reddit thread to discuss all things wings, from opinions to best cooking methods, to recommendations for customizing the meal to your family's tastes.

Why can't Reddit agree on these Costco chicken wings?

When we say Reddit just can't agree on Costco's Foster Farm chicken wings, we mean it. After one person asked for opinions on this particular product, more than 150 Redditors hopped online to share their thoughts.

Many Costco shoppers immediately said they did not like the Foster Farm wings, be it for reasons like being "extremely salty," "super fatty," or having "bad sauce." Others said that the wings simply weren't worth the price tag, and ranked them among the worst frozen buffalo wings.

Despite the heaping of negative reviews, countless others were big fans of the chicken wings. Most suggested putting the chicken wings in an air fryer to really crisp them up (something YouTube reviewer Ms. Ming agrees with), in addition to throwing out the premade sauce and substituting your own. If you decide to use the sauce, Redditors recommend mixing it with ranch or other seasonings to tone down the saltiness. However, several people said the wings taste just fine without any sauce at all, so it all comes down to personal preference.