The Taco Bell Favorite Reddit Would Bring Back Forever

If you don't already believe the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder," perhaps the saga of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza will be enough to convince you otherwise. Introduced in 1985, the dish had been a staple on the T-Bell menu for 35 years when the chain made the shocking announcement in 2020 that it would be discontinuing the beloved Mexican-Italian delicacy to "provide a more efficient restaurant experience," per Taco Bell's website.

As you may recall, the news caused a bit of chaos on the internet, where Bellheads quickly infiltrated social media to beg the eatery to rectify its terrible mistake. Their efforts finally paid off nearly two years later. And on May 19, the Mexican Pizza made its grand return to Taco Bells nationwide — only to be discontinued once again due to an increase in demand that the restaurant claimed was "seven times higher than when previously available." If that isn't enough to prove there's some truth to the aforementioned proverb, we don't know what is.

Fortunately, the dish's latest discontinuation is only temporary, as the chain recently shared the best news with customers that it would be returning permanently in September. While that's undoubtedly a win for members of the eatery's fandom, it seems the whirlwind tale of the Mexican Pizza has also served as a reminder of other discontinued Taco Bell menu items that patrons would love to see make a comeback.

Taco Bell fans wish they could douse their grub in this spicy sauce again

As Taco Bell fans await the third coming of the Mexican Pizza, some longtime customers struck up a discussion on Reddit about which other retired menu items they wish could make a return. "If you could bring back one item permanently what would it be?" Reddit user u/Asthmalord91666 asked members of the Taco Bell subreddit page on July 6. "For me, lava sauce ... it was literally amazing on everything," they added.

The beloved T-Bell condiment was available from 2008 to 2016 and was an incredibly popular answer for Bellheads on the Reddit thread. "Where my lava sauce lovers at," u/JamminJME wrote in a comment that received more than 150 upvotes. And u/LifeOfaFilmmaker said that "anyone saying anything but lava sauce is an uncultured swine." Meanwhile, u/bludstone, took things a step further, calling for the return of not only the fiery condiment but the whole volcano menu in its entirety. "It was easily the best thing they ever had," the Redditor said.

In addition to lava sauce, grilled stuffed burritos, shredded chicken, and double-decker tacos were a few of the other Taco Bell delicacies of yesteryear that Redditors said they would bring back forever. Considering the response to the Mexican Pizza's revival, perhaps it's only a matter of time until some of them return.